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Epiphyllum 'Cashmere Pink'?

I purchased this plant from a local nursery 5/23/01.  It was labeled 'Amber Queen', but when it had it's first bloom 4/24/03, the bloom did not match the description in the ESA Directory.  An epiphyllum grower said it looked like her 'Cashmere Pink'.  Because many epiphyllums look similar, it is hard to definitely identify a mislabeled plant.  So I have included the question mark after the name.   The bloom is 6.5" wide.  There was a second bloom 4/28 and a 3rd 5/2.

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Cashmere_Pink_01.JPG (7417 bytes)Cashmere_Pink_02.JPG (18563 bytes)Cashmere_Pink_03.JPG (9632 bytes)Cashmere_Pink_04.JPG (7895 bytes)

In 2004 it had 3 blooms.
In 2005 there were 9 blooms.

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