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Epiphyllum 'Cancun'?

I purchased this as a 2 year old plant at a local nursery 4/6/02.  It was labeled 'Star of Persia', but when it had its first bloom 4/25/03 the label was obviously wrong.  Based on a photo and the description in The Registry, it may be Cancun.  The flower was 9.5" wide and lasted 4 days.

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Cancun_03_04_05.JPG (11454 bytes)Cancun_03_04_06.JPG (10623 bytes)Cancun_03_04_08.JPG (10468 bytes)Cancun_03_04_10.JPG (10700 bytes)Cancun_03_04_11.JPG (12175 bytes)

In 2004 this plant had two 9" blooms.  In addition, another plant purchased at the same nursery labeled 'Moon Goddess' turned out to be the same flower.  It had 3 blooms.  I combined both into a hanging basket.

In 2005 there were 3 blooms.

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