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Epiphyllum 'Ackermannii Hybridus'

I received this as a cutting in trade 10/18/99.  The first bloom opened 4/21/02; 4".  In 2003 it has had 8 blooms.   In 2003 I had a couple unknowns bloom for the first time and they also were Ackermanii Hybridus.  So in 2003 I had a total of 26 blooms on the different plants.

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Unk_Red_ER_02_04_02.JPG (14663 bytes)Unk_Red_ER_02_04_10.JPG (8689 bytes)Unk_Red_ER_02_04_14.JPG (10204 bytes)Unk_Red_ER_02_04_15.JPG (10168 bytes)

In 2004 these plants have had 14 blooms.

2005: 15 blooms

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