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My Career at Sikorsky Aircraft

  • Eight Sikorsky employees deployed to the Gulf region gathered for a group picture on Saturday, April 12, in front of a UH-60 BLACK HAWK helicopter. The photograph was taken at Patton Army Heliport, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. All eight are members of the 1109th Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot (AVCRAD), which was activated on January 29th and deployed to Kuwait on March 8. The AVCRAD employees perform depot-level repairs on all varieties of U.S. Army helicopters.

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    I worked in the Development center on the UTTAS later known as the UH60A Black Hawk, I have also worked on the RSRA (Rotor Systems Research Aircraft) #1 and #2. I worked on the wing and tail cones for both aircraft, I have also worked on derivative aircraft such as; Quick Fix A and L, MH60K special operations (SOA),VH-60N Presidential, Australian RAAF, Turkish, Brunei, Turkmenastan, Israeli, Chile, Austrian, Republic of Taiwan and Air Force aircraft. I worked on the lower aft transition fuel cell major assembly for the UH60L and M, S70 A's until Sept. 3, 2004 UH60A,L&M models Black Hawk.I am now working the final assenbly production line of the S92 the future of Sikorsky Aircraft in the comercial, military aircraft.

    Some other helos that were built by Sikorsky:

    1. YR4 Sikorsky's first production helo
    2. Experimental XR4
    3. S51 used mainly for S&R
    4. S55 this helo was used extensively in the Korean conflict for S&R, also in the Japanese Godzilla movies. This photo is from the National Aviation Museum ( Canada )
    5. XH-59A ABC research aircraft
    6. S61 R This variant of the S61 was more or less the prototype the S65 or CH53 A. This aircraft was used by the Air Force and known by Jolly Green Giant, the Coast Guard also used it for search and rescue.
    7. This aircraft used by the Navy prior to the use of SH 3s, also used for the recovery of the Mercury space capsule
    8. Sikorsky's first turbine powered helo S61, 2 General Electric turboshaft engines. It could fly with 1 engine and complete the mission.
    9. S61, US Navy SH3A-H, the ones pictured are Canadian
    10. Irish S61 Seaking
    11. CH60S at the plant
    12. Multi-mission Navy Knighthawk
    13. Navy Knighthawk
    14. Navy Knighthawk
    15. Navy Knighthawk ship re-supply
    16. Navy Knighthawk ship re-supply
    17. HH-60J Jayhawk Coast Guard
    18. Coast Guard Jayhawk at fuel storage tank fire L.I. NY
    19. CH-54 Sky crane
    20. Boeing Vertol's version of the UTTAS for the U S Army's competition for the Black Hawk contract
    21. Sikorsky's bid for the Presental aircraft VH92
    22. Sikorsky's bid for the Presental aircraft VH92
    23. Sikorsky's bid for the Presental aircraft VH92

    24. Presidential VH60N
    25. Presidential VH3 and VH60N
    26. Presidential 53E
    27. S 67 Blackhawk the width of a s61 main rotor transmision. At one time held the record for true helicopter of 220kts
    28. S 67 Blackhawk looking head-on in flight

    Aircraft Specific Pages

    1. Black Hawk
    2. MH CH 53E
    3. Comanche
    4. S92 and H92 Superhawk
    5. Seahawk

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    2., a great collection of helicopter pictures

    3. Orange County Choppers


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