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Mastering Men's Gymnastics: Intermediate Skills/Progressions. This comprehensive DVD encompasses all aspects of gymnastic training at the intermediate level. This DVD helps gymnasts develop beyond the beginning compulsory skills to build routines through the rules of the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) Code of Points. Topics covered include: techniques and progressions for floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and the horizontal bar. Coach Mark Williams will provide detailed information that will assist gymnastics coaches and instructors at any level. He emphasizes the requirements for each event that will enable gymnasts to build a foundation of intermediate skills to construct optional routines.Storybook Classics - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. When Professor Pierre Aronnax, his assistant, Conseil, and brave harpooner Ned Land set sail on an American expedition in pursuit of a fabled sea monster, they unwittingly become prey to the marvelous machinations of Captain Nemo and his extraordinary submarine, the Nautilus. Once captives of the evil Captain Nemo on his submarine journey to the darkest depths of the ocean, the trio must find a way to escape before he kills them. But can they discover his evil plans along the way? Jules Verne's maritime masterpiece is reinvigorated in this buoyant animated adaptation, where our three heroes find themselves at odds over the captain's right to defend the seas against other ships.Bizet - Carmen (Von Karajan). This famous film of the world's best loved opera, directed by Herbert von Karajan, features the three greatest exponents of their respective roles at the time: Grace Bumbry's magnificently seductive-toned Carmen, Mirella Freni's ineffably lovely, touching Micaela, and Jon Vickers's thrillingly manic-depressive Don Jose.Osama. The Taliban have just seized power and a widow reluctantly decides to disguise her 12-year-old daughter as a boy - the Osama of the title - so that at least one family member can earn a living. But the 'boy' is soon dragged off for religious instruction and military training and resultantly the disguise is uncovered, triggering a sharp slide into tragedy. Made with the support of Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf (who has been active in providing resources for Afghan filmmakers) and shot on 35mm in Kabul with a cast made up entirely of non-professionals, Osama is the first feature to emerge from post-Taliban Afghanistan, a country which has produced less than 40 full-length films and shorts in the past century. Written, directed and edited by Siddiq Barmak, the tone of this strikingly realised film is necessarily direct, accessible and unflinching. As such it is a remarkable snapshot of a particular moment in contemporary world history. A Cannes sensation, where it carried off the Golden Camera award, Osama also triumphed at the Golden Globes in the Best Foreign Language Film category.Alfie. Alfie is not really a bad sort. Its just that he has this overwhelming desire for the opposite sex. You might say that 'birds' are irresistable to him, sort of second nature. With Michael Caine in the title role, Alfie is a ribald and wild comedy, filled with sex and sin. For those who want to be entertained, Alfie is charming, delightful and quick moving. For those who want more, there is, beneath the surface, a lingering tragedy, simply and poignantly told about the taker and the taken.Bottom - Live 3: Hooligan's Island/Live 2001 An Arse Oddity. Bottom Live 3 Hooligans Island: Live again, naturally. Rik and Adrian, a.k.a Richie and Eddie, are marooned on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific. Will they build a raft and escape? Grasp the opportunity to embrace the earthly paradise around them? Or simply bicker, fart, fight, poke and masturbate? Bottom Live 2001 An Arse Oddity: Filmed during the sell-out 2001, we find Richie and Eddie where we left them - stuck on a pacific island and still the saddest pair of no-hope losers the world has known. Getting by on bone-crunching nastiness and violently successful accidents the hapless duo encounter an exploding parrot, experiment with chainsaw pant removal and indulge in a boat of enthusiastic pig worrying. It also looks like they manage to escape the island only for everything to become truly unhinged! Bottom Live 2001, is explosively insane and unfettered by any morals whatsoever - disgusting, degrading vicious and so bloody funny you will laugh your bollocks off! (or tits if you're a girl).Asia - Fantasia Live In Tokyo. Tracklisting: 01. Time Again. 02. Wildest Dreams. 03. One Step Closer. 04. Roundabout. 05. Without You. 06. Cutting It Fine. 07. Steve Howe Guitar Solo. 08. Fanfare For The Common Man. 09. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. 10. Don't Cry. 11. In The Court Of The Crimson King. 12. Here Comes The Feeling. 13. Video Killed The Radio Star. 14. The Heat Goes On/Carl Palmer Drum Solo. 15. Only Time Will Tell. 16. Sole Survivor. 17. Ride Easy. 18. Heat Of The Moment.Youth League Basketball - Skills And Drills. Coach Al Sokaitis provides a comprehensive program designed to help young players develop essential basketball fundamentals. He presents a wide variety of creative and essential practice drills for players and coaches. Each skill is taught in detail, including: ballhandling, shooting, passing, one-on-one moves, defense, and rebounding. This DVD is a must have resource for anyone involved in youth league basketball. About the Coach: Al Sokaitis has been coaching basketball for over 30 years. He has established records for the most wins at five different schools, and been named Coach of the Year on ten occasions. Sokaitis has lead three different colleges to the NCAA Tournament. Currently, Al Sokaitis is the Head Basketball Coach at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado.Magna Beads Jewellery Making Kit - Animal Print. With this Magna Beads Jewellery Making Kit you can create hundreds of fun fashion accessories. String them, charm them, wrap them and wear them. Suitable for ages 6 years+ Contents 24 x magnetic beads Shaped translucent beads Real shell beads Translucent crystal beads Translucent round beads Solid seed beads 3 x plastic charms 4 x jump rings, threading wire Beading string Easy-to-follow instructions  Norton Antivirus 2007. 1. What makes Norton AntiVirus a smart choice? From the moment you install it, you're getting advanced protection from viruses and spyware. Norton AntiVirus continuously and automatically detects, removes, and blocks viruses, spyware, and other security risks. And when exchanging files through email or instant messaging (IM), Norton AntiVirus scans and cleans attachments, preventing the spread of infected files to family, friends, and others. 2. Is this the right Norton solution for me? Whether you send and receive files, surf the internet, or download software, Norton AntiVirus is always working in the background to protect you from viruses and spyware. 3. How does it work? Fast and effective scanning protects you from viruses and spyware.Plum 4ft Football Table. When you're not watching Match of the Day you can be playing the beautiful game with your friends - right at home! This 4-foot Football Table from Plum is complete with manual scores at each end and two soccer balls. Features  St. George's flag design Manual scoring 2 balls Fixed legs and adjustable feet Dimensions: 122 x 61 x 79cm (L x W x H)A Family At War - Complete Series 2. The story of the Ashtons continues as the Second World War rages. The three sons, David, Phillip and Robert are all abroad bringing the family constant anguish. David and Sheila's children are still in Wales and life in the Liverpool household is rapidly changing. Featuring the entire second series: The Other Side of the Hill, I Can be Happy, Can't I? A Lesson in War, Is Your Journey Really Necessary? The Forty-Eight Hour Pass, Hope Against Hope, A Time to be Born, A Hero's Welcome, We Could be a Lot Worse Off, Lend Your Loving Arms, Hazard The following episodes were filmed in black and white: Giving and Taking, Believed Killed, Into the Dark, The Straight and Narrow, Clash by Night, Salute the Happy Morn, I Wanted to be with You, A Separate PeaceBeat Down: Fists Of Vengeance. Fight For Vengeance. Fight For Your Life. The streets made you and now only the mean streets can save you. Betrayed by your gang, framed for the murder of your rivals, it's just you against the world. The world had better watch out, it's getting a beating. Fight your way through the dark and violent streets of Las Sombras as one of the city's five most feared enforcers. Roam the city freely, unravel the twisting storyline with each mission and engage in intense no-holds-barred street brawling action. Vengeance will be yours... Put Your Fists Up - Recruit fighters to your side, or just grab their cash, after delivering a beating. Streets Is Watching - Keep a low profile with the gangs and police. Decide when to switch outfits, avoid getting too many visible bruises and hide out when you need to. Pick Your Fight - Choose one of five heroic brawlers. Each with a unique fighting style to master.World Rally Championship - 1987. From the snow-laden roads of Monte Carlo to the dusty tracks of Spain, the 1987 World Rally Championship provided entertainment to rival any previous race series. This DVD travels the full twelve rounds, with superb camera work from the very heart of the action. Lancia were favourites but BMW, Mazda and Audi were intent on blocking runaway success for the Italian marque. Reigning champion Juha Kankkunen was the driver they all wanted to beat, but team orders demanded that on occasion he be ''allowed'' to win. At other times Micki Biasion led as the Lancia HF4WDs were put into front running places.Tvsmith - Live: One Chord Wonder. Live at the 'Holidays In The Sun' Festival The Winter Gardens, Blackpool, England 11th August, 1996; - No Time To Be 21 - New Church - Safety In Numbers - Eurodisneyland Tomorrow - We Who Wait - On The Roof - On Wheels - Immortal Rich - Punk Rock Poem - Gary Gilmores Eyes - Bored Teenagers - Bombsite Boy - One Chord Wonders - Great British Mistake Live at the Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany 15th November, 2001; - What If - Lord's Prayer - The Day We Caught The Big Fish - Television's Over - I Know What You Want - Generation Y Live at KuBa, Julich, Germany, 21st February, 2003. - Not In My Name.Disney Pirates Tin. Disney Pirates Tin - With five great books is the Ultimate Pirates Pack. Every Jack Sparrow fan will enjoy the action packed comic treasury, storybook, sticker book, poster book and quiz book. The seven felt tips and the two sheets of glow in the dark stickers really make this a treasure chest of fun all packed in a bold and exciting embossed tin. Features Includes comic treasury, storybook, sticker book, poster book and quiz book Seven felt tip pens and 2 sheets of glow in the dark stickers Bold and exciting embossed tin  Fists Of Bruce Lee. Undercover agent Bruce Li is stationed in Hong Kong and is posing as an electronics expert in the employ of Mr Lo. When Mr Lo refuses to sell a secret list of Triad Members to a gang led by Mr Shen. the gang kidnap his daughter and offer to trade the girl for the list. Li battles to rescue the girl and break up the kidnapping gang.Cluedo DVD Game. The classic whodunnit Cluedo goes interactive in this DVD game. The usual suspects are all under suspicion at Tudor Mansion, and Scotland Yard needs your help. The DVD version of the classic board game takes you inside Tudor Mansion where you'll meet new animated characters. Can you crack these challenging interactive cases, as well as unlimited others in the special bonus game? Contents 1 game board 1 DVD 10 suspect mover tokens 4 plastic padlocks 42 cards 1 red decoder 1 detective notepad 1 case file envelope InstructionsAvatar - Book 1 Water: Vol. 3. Pirates, rebels, the Fire Nation, and feuding tribes contribute to the greater responsibility Aang faces as the Avatar. Burdened and guilt-ridden becasue of his previous disappearance, we hear the surprising story of Aang's past paralleled with Prince Zuko's. Chapter 9: The Waterbending Scroll When Katar's desire to master Waterbending gets the best of her, the kids find themselves on the run from pirates. Chapter 10: Jet Our heroes' friendship is tested when they meet Jet, a charismatic teenager leading a band of rebels fighting against the Fire Nation. Chapter 11: The Great Divide When Aang and friends come to the rim of a giant canyon, they are asked to help guide two groups of bickering refugees across! Chapter 12: The Storm A powerful storm brings up painful memories of the past - and puts everyone in jeopardy in the present.Zone Of The Enders: Dolores - Vol. 2. James Links and his family are on the run and wanted for interplanetary terrorism. Mars offers hope for clearing the family name, but can the Linkses get safely out of Earth's orbit with governments, agencies, and spies throwing everything they've got at the Ender? The Linkses dodge Earth's World Defense Surveillance on one side and mysterious Martian agents on the other, only to turn to the smugglers, thugs, and gangsters in the middle. Fortunately, they have an ally in Orbital Frame Dolores. She's got even more secrets and power to reveal in the second volume of Zone of the Enders! 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When you give someone Woolworths Gift Vouchers, you're bound to impress - and to be impressed; it's the single gift that's always guaranteed to please! Whether the recipient is a lover of digital music, toys and games or garden furniture and cellphones, a Woolworths Gift Voucher is sure to put a smile on their face! Woolworths Gift vouchers offer so much choice; they can be spent at five of the country's favourite stores... Woolworths, Woolworths big W, MVC, Comet and B&Q DIY. With over 1,500 stores and over 150,000 products to choose from Woolworths Gift Vouchers make the ideal gift.

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Woolworths offers a broad selection of quality merchandise in its stores and online. For decades, Woolworths has become synonymous with excellent value, famous brands and satisfied customers!

Woolworths big W is owned by the Woolworths Group plc which is principally a UK retailer focused on the home, family and entertainment. Woolworths offers its customers value-for-money on an extended range of products. It is built around the well known Woolworths brand which is represented in towns and cities throughout the UK. - Reference:

Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

Woolworths offers its customers value-for-money on an extended range of UK products. It is built around the well known Woolworths brand which is represented in towns and cities throughout the UK.

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