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Unfortunately, the Gung-Ho Guns have also invaded paradise when two purposes - destroy a sanctuary for humans, and to inflict as much pain to Vash as possible. Wolfwood chooses to side with Vash, but question his ability to win - will Wolfwood walk the path of destruction again?!The Mark Of Kri. Long ago, the most feared of the mystical Dark Spells, the Mark of Kri, was broken into six pieces and scattered across the world to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. But the servants of darkness have grown powerful and begun to search for the missing pieces. Only Rau, a heroic warrior, and his trusted spirit guide Kuzo, the raven , can prevent the devastating forces of evil from being unleashed...The Ren And Stimpy Show - Unleashed: 1st And 2nd Seasons. You eediot! You pushed the History Eraser Button! Perfect! Now you're able to go back and experience the complete first and second seasons of The Ren and Stimpy Show in the way John K. always wanted you to see them - unaltered, unleashed and untamed! All 32 cartoons are here, in their original airing order, slapping a happy helmet on you and providing hours of twisted entertainment! Revisit the wonderfully warped world of Magic Nose Goblins and Rubber Nipples, and hwarf to the all-new thrills, including the banned episode Man's Best Friend, the long-awaited George Liquor, the once-censored Sven Hoek, and more! What are you waiting for, you eediot? This is The Ren and Stimpy joy you were always meant to enjoy!Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum - 30ml. Smell like a true star with Fantasy, the new Eau de Parfum from pop diva Britney Spears. This stunning mix of lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi comes encassed in an elegant bottle, sure to dazzle on your perfume shelf.Fonteyn And Nureyev - Ballet's Legendary Partnership. The most sensational story in Ballet, the fusion of two totally different personalities into the Perfect Partnership. Margot Fonteyn - an experienced ballerina, idolized for her achievements, loyal figurehead of an established company. Her stardom seemed the inevitable and natural result of an effortless progression. Rudolf Nureyev - half her age, a young defector fleeing from Soviet Russia, relatively unknown, born of poor parents in the appalling hardship of wartime Russia. His dancing career had been forged from his talent and ambition against the advice of friends and family. When the partnership was at its peak in the late 1960's cameras were smuggled into performances, sometimes hidden in mink stoles, to capture unrepeatable glimpses of the legends. This extended version of Peter Batty's definitive documentary contains additional footage not previously released on video. Among the roles performed are Romeo & Juliet, Le Corsaire, Giselle, Swan Lake, Marguerite and Armand, Les Sylphides, Birthday Offering, Hamlet Prelude and Lucifer.100 Clear Alternate Twinkling Lights. Decorate your tree this year with these 100 Clear Twinkling Lights and spread Christmas cheer around your home. Features 100 clear twinkling lights Comes with green cableThe Complete Ballet Dancer Collection. Girls of all ages love putting on their ballet shoes and dancing. This delightful collection shows aspiring ballerinas every-thing they need to do to dance beautifully and gracefully. We follow the basic steps for absolute beginners to those preparing for their first Presentation Class. Featuring dancers of different ages and experience, viewers will be enthralled as they learn the basic do's and don'ts of ballet from Good Toes - Bad Toes, to Demi Plie and Saute.Disney Princess Storybook - Sleeping Beauty. The magical story of Sleeping Beauty is shown on the glittering storybook skirts, making it perfect for imaginative play or an interactive bedtime story. 4 to choose from. Suitable for ages 3+ Features Storybook skirt Each Princess comes with a unique jewel necklace and brush setThe Reaping. Locusts swarm. Rivers turn to blood. Fire rains from the sky. Are you prepared for The Reaping? Investigative scholar Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank) is a debunker of modern miracles, bring scientific light to superstition and fraud. But events in tiny Haven, Louisiana defy even her expertise. There, the 10 Biblical Plagues seem to be recurring. And the more she seeks answers, the more she questions her own beliefs. Katherine must uncover the truth, because the Plagues are counting down. And time is running out.Phil Collins - Live And Loose In Paris. One of the world's best-loved and most successful UK solo artists, Phil Collins is also hailed as one of the very best rock drummers in the world having played with both Genesis and Brand X. Collins has also enjoyed critical acclaim for his acting performances, and is best known for his lead role in Buster. Live and Loose in Paris was recorded during one performance in Paris. Everything you see and hear on this DVD was taken from one night in Paris, and the music you hear is un-tampered with.Romeo + Juliet. A brilliant and contemporary re-telling of the world's most tragic love affair makes this wildly inventive Romeo & Juliet unforgettable. This special edition DVD contains audio commentary by Baz Luhrmann, early rehearsal scenes and a look at the making of the movie. Baz Luhrmann's dazzling and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic love story is spellbinding. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes portray Romeo & Juliet, the youthful star-crossed lovers of the past. But the setting has been moved from its Elizabethan origins to the futuristic urban backdrop of Verona Beach.Soldiers: Heroes Of World War II. Against all odds a few good men will prevail. Action and strategy are your allies in this heroic WWII adventure. Command or commandeer over 100 authentic vehicles and weapons. Obliterate the battlezone - absolutely everything can be destroyed. Fire from cover or hide from the enemy with total interactive scenery. Fight as British, Americans, Russians or Germans through more than 30 intense missions. Get into the thick of the action with Direct Control of each unit, or command your elite squad with RTS-style gameplay. Dictate your own path to victory with limitless ways to accomplish each mission. Engage cunning AI enemies as they counter your plans with real battlefield tactics. Online & LAN Multiplay... Up to 4-player co-operative campaign.9ct Gold Diamond and Aqua Pendant With Chain. This dazzling piece is set off with shimmering amethyst gemstones and diamonds. A beauty within itself, this perfect arrangement is a truly remarkable piece, perfect for any occasion. Features Crafted in 9ct Gold Real Diamonds 18" chain included Supplied with a complimentary gift boxMy So Called Life. Featuring all 19 episodes of the complete series of My So-Called Life, this definitive adolescent drama follows th trials and tribulations of 15-year old Angela Chase as she navigates through middle-class American high school. Episodes: 1. Pilot 2. Dancing In The Dark 3. Guns And Gossip 4. Father Figures 5. The Zit 6. The Substitute 7. Why Jordan Can't Read 8. Strangers In The House 9. Halloween 10. Other People's Mothers 11. Life Of Brian 12. Self-Esteem 13. Pressure 14. On The wagon 15. So-Called Angels 16. Resolutions 17. Betrayal 18. Weekend 19. In Dreams Begin ResponsibilitiesSterling Silver Large Yellow Cubic Zirconia Ring. This amazing ring is set with a Large Yellow coloured Cubic Zirconia stone and is surrounded by further clear cubic zirconia stones. A very sophisticated piece perfect for that special occasion. Features Crafted from Sterling Silver Set with cubic zirconia stones Various sizes available Complimentary gift box supplied  Carnival Of Souls. Carnival of Souls has gained a strong cult reputation over recent years. Directed and produced by Harold Herk Harvey, it is an intriguing power, mixing ordinary people and everyday situations with the extraordinary and the supernatural. Made in Lawrence, Kansas in 1962, the film centres on Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), who apparently survives a serious car accident. Shortly after, she heads for Utah and a new job as church organist, but is pursued by a cadaverous phantom figure played by Herk Harvey. While lots of today's horror films rely heavily on special effects, Carnival of Souls does not. Its magic lies in its tense atmospheric, crisp photography and frighteningly real characters.Plum 4ft Football Table. When you're not watching Match of the Day you can be playing the beautiful game with your friends - right at home! This 4-foot Football Table from Plum is complete with manual scores at each end and two soccer balls. Features  St. George's flag design Manual scoring 2 balls Fixed legs and adjustable feet Dimensions: 122 x 61 x 79cm (L x W x H)Warfile - Scorched Earth: Doodlebug. By 1943 the tide of the war had finally started to flow in favour of the Allied forces. As the industrial might and great cities of Germany began to suffer under the constant aerial bombardments, Hitler promised a devastating revenge. Vengeance weapons were developed and deployed and were soon causing indiscriminate damage to cities such as London and Antwerp. Although deployment of V1 and V2 rockets signalled the death throws at the crumbling Third Reich, given more time they could have completely changed the outcome of the war. The detailed analysis and stunning computer graphics within this programme clearly describe the fascinating story of the Doodlebugs.SOCOM 3 - U.S. Navy SEALs Headset Edition. You Can Fight, But Can You Lead? - Command an elite team of U.S. Navy SEALs in 12 intense counter-terrorist missions. - Unleash over 30 cutting edge weapons with more than 900 customisable weapon attachments including scopes, silencers and grenade launchers. - Wade through water, using it as stealth cover, and launch shock attacks in waterborne assault craft or commandeer heavily armoured land vehicles. - Take the firefight online against up to 31 other battle-hardened soldiers and become part of the online SOCOM community. - Complete Crosstalk objectives to influence mission goals in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo for PSP (PlayStation Portable) (sold separately). Headset Inside - Use the USB Headset (for PlayStation 2) to communicate and plan tactics in both Single Player Mode and Online mode.Go. From the director of Swingers comes a black comedy tracing the outrageous misadventures of a group of young American delinquents. 18-year-old check-out girl Ronna (Sarah Polley - The Sweet Hereafter) is trying to score some rent money before she is evicted on Christmas Eve. Accompanied by reluctant partner in crime Claire (Katie Holmes - TV's Dawson's Creek), she embarks on her first drug deal... Meanwhile, impulsive Brit Simon (Desmond Askew - TV's Grange Hill) is driving a stolen car with buddy Marcus (Taye Diggs - Chicago) during a no-holds-barred night of partying in Vegas, as tv stars Adam (Scott Wolf - TV's Party of Five) and Zack (Jay Mohr - Jerry Maguire) find themselves in the middle of a real-life drugs sting - and a very creepy Christmas dinner... Woolworths Online Sale | Woolworths Direct, UK.

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F.W. Woolworths, a subsidiary of its US parent, was founded in the UK in 1909 as part of its parent company's global expansion plan. The first Woolworths store opened in Liverpool, beginning a rapid roll out throughout the UK. F.W. Woolworth was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange with its US parent retaining a majority shareholding. In 1982 Paternoster Stores, the forerunner to present day Kingfisher, acquired the entire Woolworths business in the UK. [ Source: ]

Woolworths - One of Britain's Favourite Department Stores: offers an enticing selection of special offers, gifts, music products, garden furniture, toys and games - and more - to buy, at prices second to none. The same great range you find in Woolworths stores you'll also find at Woolworths Online - and more! Woolworths offer an excellent Web-site together with exemplary customer service. One thing you can be sure of when you shop online at Woolworths - you wont be disappointed!

Here are just some of the departments you'll find at Woolworths website: DVD, Video, Music, Digital Music, PC and Video Games, Toys & Kids, Garden and Outdoor Furniture, Mobile Phones, Gift Vouchers … and the list goes on!

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At the Woolworths Catalogue Shop you'll find all manner of beauty products, discounts and best-ever prices. From the fantastic Woolworths range of music to Woolworths toys, garden furniture, computer games … and much more. Below is just a tiny selection of what you'll find at Woolworths Online, UK:
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The wide array of products on offer at Woolworths is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Woolworths offers to take advantage of:

Dream Therapy, at Woolworths
Through the centuries, the dream was presumed to be a spiritual event, a gift from God or a gift from some source beyond the ordinary. Dreams provide metaphors for our waking lives. Sometimes these stories reflect basic issues in an individuals life, which have not been dealt with, while at other times they may reflect events of the past few days. By recording dreams, dream therapists believe that valuable insights into an individual may be obtained regarding behaviour, experiences and intentions. This program discussed how Dream Therapy can act as a doorway to the subconscious, decoding the hidden messages speaking to us through our dreams. This DVD Includes: Introduction To Dream Therapy Origins Of Dream Therapy Healing With Dream Therapy The Jungian Approach To Dream Therapy Dream Symbols And Their Meanings Sample Dream Analysis

Return Of The Firebird (Liepa, Bolshoi Ballet), at Woolworths
Return of the Firebird presents dramatic re-creations of the original Ballets russes productions of The Firebird, Petrushka and Scheherazade, first seen in Paris almost a century ago, Russian ballet superstar Andris Liepa heads an all-star cast and directs these magical films, shot in Russia's famous Mosfilm studios.

Charlie Chan's Secret, at Woolworths
An ocean liner sinks of Honolulu and Allen Colby, heir to millions, is presumed dead...but local sleuth Charlie Chan is not so sure, and flies to San Francisco to investigate further. Somehow, the missing Colby is there ahead of him...but is knifed in the back before seeing anyone. Further events revolve around spiritualist Mrs. Lowell, her family of suspicious characters, and the spooky, untenanted Colby mansion, where the body turns up during a seance!

British Touring Car Championship Review 2002, at Woolworths
The premier 'saloon' car racing series in the UK - the British Touring Car Championship remains true to the art of pure racing. Drivers get the chance to pit their driving skills against one another in rubber-burning, bumper-bashing battles. This year the 'tin tops' did not disappoint with a great season of non-stop action! With four different winners in the first four races, the 2002 competition got off to a thrilling start. The grid included top drivers Yvan Muller, James Thompson, Matt Neal and Anthony Reid - all in with a great chance of being crowned BTCC champion. After an epic journey of high-risk manoeuvring and paint-scraping action, Muller and Thompson emerged as the final contenders for the title. The drama continued into the final race in front of a packed Donington Park crowd. Both drivers gave their all in a fight to the very end. Get into the thick of the action through every round with on-board and trackside footage from races and qualifying, as well as post-race interviews and analysis. This official review features the best of the TV coverage and is presented by Wil Hoy who also commentates alongside Ben Edwards. You'll feel like you've been in every race after watching this blistering review!

The Man With The Golden Arm, at Woolworths
When Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra) comes back to the old neighborhood after a spell in jail, he wants to stay straight and become a drummer. But his old life, as a poker dealer and heroin addict, comes rushing back to meet him. The subject matter of Nelson Algren's novel was shocking in 1955, and The Man with the Golden Arm was released without the seal of approval from Hollywood's Production Code. For Frank Sinatra, the role was a high point; his performance is searching, honest, and in the scenes of going cold turkey to kick his habit, frighteningly naked. He's touchingly matched with Kim Novak, in one of her best performances whilst Eleanor Parker stars as Frankie's hysterical wife and the propulsive jazz score is by Elmer Bernstein.

Worzel Gummidge - Vol. 7, at Woolworths
The Crowman The snobbish Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton asks Worzel's creator, 'The Crowman', to make her a handsome scarecrow for her garden. When Worzel hears of this he asks the crowman to allow him to wear the new handsome head himself in order that he might propose to a female scarecrow in an adjoining field. But, having put on the new head at Mrs Bloomsbury-Bartons, He is mistaken for the crowman's assistant... A Little Learning Worzel has misplaced one of his many turnip heads, this time his 'Learning' head which makes him very clever. He searches everywhere for it, and then remembers that John and Sue have begun at the local school. Meanwhile Mr Peters is doing some repair work on the schoolhouse roof, The versatile man of straw has found his learning head in the school chimney. Worzel Pays A Visit Worzel still pines to see his old flame Aunt Sally again, and is worried that not only does she remain missing, but also that Mr Shepherd and the police are still seeking her. When therefore John and Sue discover that she is working at Mrs Bloomsbury-Burton's as a maid, It's not long before Worzel pays a visit

Tamagotchi Party On!, at Woolworths
Tamagotchi Planet needs a new President! Be happy! Be popular! Be President! Tamagotchi: Party On! is a 3D party board game based on the fun Tamagotchi world! Jump in solo or with up to 3 of your friends to join the exciting race to become the most popular Tamagotchi on the planet! Use your Wii Remote and turn the whole planet into your playing board! Choose your favourite Tamagotchi and start a hilarious campaign run to be the next President of the Tamagotchi planet!

Dancing On Dangerous Ground, at Woolworths
'Dancing On Dangerous Ground' is the thrilling new Irish dance drama based on Celtic's legend's most passionate and enduring love story - the tragic romance of Diarmuid & Grainne. The show features the world famous dancers and 'Riverdance' stars Jean Butler and Colin Dunne. This long awaited Irish dance special received its world premiere in December 1999, at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London before transferring to Radio City Music Hall in New York in March 2000.Butler and Dunne front a company of over 30 dancers, actors and musicians and an extraordinary creative team, who have devoted two years to produce the ultimate show for the Millennium. The band features Seamus Egan and the costumes are by Olivier Award-winner Tim Hatley.

Rolson 5 Piece Compressor Tool Kit, at Woolworths
This Rolson 5 Piece Compressor Tool Kit is ideal for general use around your workshop. It includes a high pressure spray gun with both fluid and air control nozzle together with adjustments, tyre inflator with gauge, fluid gun with control nozzle, air dust gun. Features 5mtr of recoil air hose 1/4" BSP (.625cm) Adjustment control Lightweight design Easy to carry Comes with storage and carrying case

The Prince Of Egypt, at Woolworth
An epic adventure and milestone in cinematic achievement, The Prince Of Egypt has captivated movie audiences the world over, becoming one of the top animated films of all time. Unparalleled artistry and powerful Academy Award-winning music bringing this beloved story to life as never before, with unforgettable characters voiced by a roster of stars as impressive as any ever assembled for a feature film. This is the extraordinary tale of two brothers, one born of royal blood, one an orphan with a secret past. Growing up the best of friends, they share a strong bond of free-spirited youth and good-natured rivalry. But the truth will ultimately set them at odds, as one becomes ruler of the most powerful empire on earth, the other the chosen leader of his people. Their final confrontation will forever change their lives - and the world. Both spectacular entertainment and a celebration of the human spirit, The Prince Of Egypt stands as a classic for the ages, for audiences of every generation to enjoy and cherish.

Chad Valley My Little Interactive Doll - Green, at Woolworths
Give your little one her very own crying baby with the My Little Interactive Doll from Chad Valley. Dressed in a cute co-ordinated babygrow and with a bottle in his hands, this doll reacts to your touch. By lifting the bottle to the baby's mouth, you will hear him suck, and when you press his tummy, he will cry. Features Interactive baby Co-ordinating babygrow outfit Makes a sucking sound Cries when tummy is pressed

Haunted Boat, at Woolworths
After receiving a sporting boat for his birthday, aimless stoner Kevin wastes no time in loading it up with buddies and beers and heads off for a weekend of partying. There carefree mood is soon cut short as they watch in horror as Kevin is attacked by a shark - the others can only look on in horror as he is devoured in the churning red waters of the pacific. They turn the ship around to head for port, but the sun dips below the horizon, the ships engine fails and an eerie blanket of fog rolls in, veiling the stars. When morning comes they find themselves drifting in open water with no land in sight. Panic and bitter rivalry threaten to tear the group apart as a series of bizarre paranormal events slowly reveals the ship's horrifying past - forcing it's young crew to each face their own worst fears.

Charlie and Lola's Shapes, at Woolworths
Another beautifully produced and brilliantly funny first concept board book from this unstoppable pair. Using artwork from the original and classic Charlie and Lola picture books, this time they're looking at the different sorts of shapes.

Telly Addicts, at Woolworths
For the first time ever, Noel Edmonds brings his classic tv show to Playstation 2. Featuring famous clips, pics and hundreds of questions spanning decades of the great TV, there's something for every member of the family.

The Simpsons 'Classics' - The, at Woolworths
Get wired with The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror X Marge accidentally runs over Ned Flanders but he doesn't die - and wants revenge. Bart and Lisa get superpowers and meet Xena's Lucy Lawless. And a Y2K glitch sends the entire world into a state of anarchy. Home Goes To College Homer must return to college to get some additional physics training. While there, he engages in pranks against the Dean - to the annoyance of his nerdy roommates. Das Bus While headed to a model U.N. conference, the kids of Springfield are driven off a bridge and into the ocean. They wind up on a desert island reminiscent of Lord of the Flies. Meanwhile, Homer starts an internet business but is thwarted by a monopolistic Bill Gates. Itchy and Scratchy Land The family visits Itchy and Scratchy Land, The Violentest Place on Earth. But what starts as a pleasant vacation turns horrific when the robots come to life.

Girls Pink Cord Shoes, at Woolworth
She'll look pretty in pink wearing these Pink Cord Shoes. With pink uppers and blossom-print inside, these are a must for any little girl. Suitable from birth to 18 months Features  100% cotton 

Scarf In A Bag Knitting Set - Spirit Bracken, at Woolworth
Knit your own cravat style scarf with this Scarf in a Bag Knitting Set in Spirit Bracken. This kit contains everything you need to make a cosy gift for yourself or a friend. Features 40% polyamide, 30% wool, 30% acrylic 2 x 50g balls of Patons Softy 1 pair of 8mm needles Instructions  

Bratz Hollywood Boots, at Woolworths
These Bratz Hollywood Boots are a real style must-have for any little diva. They feature dangley Bratz emblazed stars, as well as a studded leather band and a sturdy rubber sole. Features Bratz emblazoned Zip fastening Yellow studded band Sturdy rubber sole

JML Steam Bee, at Woolworths
Forget elbow grease and toxic chemicals. The JML Steam Bee uses powerful continuous steam to sanitise and clean multiple surfaces and locations. It's perfect for use on kitchen surfaces, enamel, flooring, tiles, glass, mirror and alloy wheels. Features Continuous steam jet Lightweight and easy to use Cleans and helps sanitise No harmful chemicals needed

White Floor-Standing Fan - 16, at Woolworths
Easy to move from room to room, this 16-inch White Floor-Standing Fan is height adjustable, so whether you're at your desk, in the kitchen or even in bed you can make sure the breeze is just right. Features 3 speed control Fixed or oscillating position Adjustable tilt Adjustable height

WWE Adrenaline Twin Pack - Ad 21 - Jake & Jesse, at Woolworth
Show off your fearless fighting moves with this WWE Adrenaline Twin Pack. With the grappling duo, Series 6-APA you can go head to head with a challenger or go tag team against another pair of deadly fighters. Suitable ages 8+ years Features Includes 2 Action Figures with moving parts Character may vary

Spongebob Squarepants And Friends - Unite!, at Woolworths
SpongeBob, Jimmy, Timmy and Danny must combine their powers to defeat the Evil Syndicate and destroy the devastating Doomsday device. It's good vs. evil where only one team will prevail. - Explore the Nickelodeon Universe. - Battle powerful enemies.

Children's Christmas Classics, at Woolworths
Jingle Bells The annual village sleigh race has arrived once again, and Tom's rickety sleigh is the cause of much amusement amongst the villagers. When his rival, George, decides to cheat in the race, Tom's chances of winning seem even less likely. But will Tom's friends be there to help him win the race and the affections of Miss Fanny Bright? Watch & find out. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' The house stands quite still. Not even the mouse stirs to investigate the stockings hung by the children. The sugar plums dance to the dreams of the sleeping children, while Father checks that all is well. Later, woken by a clatter, Father witnesses the arrival of St. Nicholas on the snowy roof tops. What gifts will Santa leave under the tree for the children and will he remember to leave a present for the little mouse?

Leapfrog My First LeapPad Bus Gift Pack - Red, at Woolworths
My First LeapPad learning system engages your child with fun stories and activities, like this one, which includes two books: 'My First Day at School' and 'Cars'. Your little one will learn pre-reading and pre-maths skills, plus it all comes in a handy carry-around backpack. Suitable for ages 3-5 years  Features   3 books and matching backpack Requires 4 x AA batteries

Golf For Women, at Woolworths
Golf is becoming ever more popular with women of all ages but there is still a problem with getting started and learning how to improve your game. Not anymore. Top British professional Diane Barnard and her coach Nigel Blenkarne have put together an easy to follow guide covering the basic techniques of the game. They explain how to play each shot from tee to green emphasising that practice is the key to improvement. Above all they show you that golf can be fun, whether you're a champion like Diane or a leisurely learner.

Kino's Journey - I, at Woolworths
Kino is a traveler Sitting astride the back Of an internal combustion companion - Drifting through the beautiful world, The ground rolling beneath, before and beyond; This is their journey. Across borders they meander - Appreciating the generous, Surviving the dangers, Witnessing the whims of mankind. Staying their welcome Sometimes too long, Sometimes too short; But always the same three days. Wielding guns, knives and a piercing wit, Kino travels along - Knowing luck, knowing silence, And knowing when to disappear. Contains four episodes: I: Land of Visible Pain II: A Tale of Feeding Off Others III: Land of Prophecies IV: Land of Adults Volume 1 of 2

Phillips Micro Jukebox - 4GB, at Woolworth
This Phillips 4GB Micro Jukebox is great for listening to music on the go. Small, stylish and full of great features. Store 2000 songs plus this amazing player lets you record songs with one simply touch. Features 4GB Up to 2000 songs one touch voice recordings MP3 and WMA playback Super-scroll navigation Super-play Firmware upgradeable Compatible with Windows XP only

Signs, at Woolworths
From M. Night Shyamalan, the writer/director of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, comes the story of the Hess family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who wake up one morning to find a 500-foot crop circle in their backyard. Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) and his family are told extraterrestrials are responsible for the sign in their field. They watch, with growing dread, the news of crop circles being found all over the world. SIGNS is the emotional story of one family on one farm as they encounter the terrifying last moments of life as the world is being invaded.

The Man From Laramie, at Woolworth
An intensely satisfying drama of rugged primitive justice, THE MAN FROM LARAMIE marked the final, and finest, collaboration of one of the most important teams in western films: director Anthony Mann and star Jimmy Stewart. Together this perfectly-matched pair provided audiences with eight classic pictures, including Winchester '73 and Strategic Air Command. Under Mann's superb direction, Stewart departs from his well-loved 'ordinary hero' role and gives a riveting performance as a resolute vigilante obsessed with finding the man responsible for his brothers death. Among the suspects are an arrogant cattle baron (Donald Crisp), his sadistic son (Alex Nicol) and his ranch foreman (Arther Kennedy, in the best performance of his career), One explosive confrontation, in which Stewart is dragged by a wild horse and shot in the hand at close range, is one of movie history's most memorable sequences. Among the first Westerns filmed in CinemaScope, THE MAN FROM LARAMIE uses the wide-screen technology to emphasize the scope and power of this harrowing action-drama, making it a perfect example of the Western as America's epic art form.

Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys World Tour [2DVD + 2CD], at Woolworths
DVD 1 - Track List: 1. Intro 02.20 Sao Paulo. 2. The King For A 1000 Years 13.05 Sao Paulo. 3. Eagle Fly Free 06.25 Sao Paulo. 4. Hell Was Made In Heaven 06:17 Sao Paulo. 5. keeper Of The Seven Keys 14:17 Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia (15:43). 6. A Tale That Wasn't Right 05:11 Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia (05:48). 7. Drum Solo 09:00 Edit from Sao Paulo, Sofia & Tokyo. 8. Mr. Torture 04:22 Sao Paulo - alternative view Tokyo (03:42). 9. If I Could Fly 04:10 Sao Paulo. 10. Guitar Solo Sascha 05:10 Edit from Sao Paulo, Sofia & Tokyo. 11. Power 03:30 Sao Paulo. 12. Future World 10:00 Sao Paulo. 13. The Invisible Man 08:00 Sao Paulo. 14. Mrs. God 05:56 Sao Paulo. 15. I Want Out 04:55 Sao Paulo - alternative view Sofia (05:03). 16. Dr. Stein 06:40 Sao Paulo - alternative view Tokyo (06:37). 17. Outro 04:37 Sao Paulo. Recorded live in Sofia (January 29th) - Tokyo/Kawasaki (March 5th) - Sao Paulo (March 25th 2006). DVD 2 Track List: 1. Occasion Avenue 10:04 Tokyo (Bonus). 2. Halloween 13:28 Masters of Rock Festival, CZ Vicovice (Bonus). 3. Roadmovie 49:17. 4. Interviews 44:10. 5. Mrs. God 03:02 Video Clip. 6. Light The Universe 04:47 Video Clip. Halloween recorded live in Vizovice, Czech Republic (July 15th 2006). Occasion Avenue recorded in Tokyo/Kawasaki (March 5th 2006). CD 1 Track List: 1. Intro 02:08. 2. The King For A 1000 Years 13:17. 3. Eagle Fly Free 05:49. 4. Hell Was Made In Heaven 06:36. 5. Keeper Of The Seven Keys 13:33. 6. A Tale That Wasn't Right 05:20. 7. Mr. Torture 04:30. 8. If I Could Fly 04:09. 9. Power 03:49. CD 2 Track List: 1. Future World 10:04. 2. The Invisible 08:38. 3. Mrs. God 02:56. 4. I Want Out 05:35. 5. Dr. Stein 07:44. 6. Occasion Avenue (bonus) 10:18. 7. Halloween (bonus) 13:39.

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