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Here's the ADGTH Crew!

Here's your Fanfics of "All Dogs go to Heaven"

Charles B. Barkin (Charlie)

Charlie is the main Character in the All Dogs movies. He's a German Shepherd, Collie, Great Dane Mix That loves to gamble. He may seem pretty tough but inside hes All Marshmello!

Itchy Itchaford

Itchy is a little dachsund. AKA:Charlies side kick, that allways trys to lead charlie his way, but Charlie is very headstrong and doesnt listen!

Sasha LaFleur

Sasha Is Charlies Love life (or what love life he has). She is A gorgeous stray Irish Setter that took care of david before Charlie Came along.She tells Charlie that she loves him, but in the All Dog Series She tells Him "not if you were the last dog on earth".? I dont get it?