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The Rest of the All Dogs Crew

Take Your Time Lookin at waht i have so far, put it this way im just getting started!

~Killer ~

Killer is Carfaces Side Kick that Only shows up in ADGTH1 and ADCC. He trys so hard (maybe even too hard) to be bad when deep down he's pretty nice. As im sure most of you can tell in ADCC!

AnnaBelle AKA: The Heavenly Wippet!

Annabelle is the Angel dog that allowed Charlie to go to heaven in the first place and the one who gave him a second chance... or third in that matter

CarFace Caruthers

This Is the Main villain in the ADGTH! and ADCC. Who always has to pick on Charlie and his gang.But soon learns to be "somewhat" good in the end.