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After Abortion-Help-Healing-Links
American Life League
Bethany Christian Services
Birthright International
Campaign for Children & Marriage
Catholic League
Choose Life
Colorado Prolife Resources
Connecticut Right to Life
Crisis Pregnancy
Doctors for Life
Eternal Perspective Ministries
Faith and Action.Org
Faith & Culture
Family Institute of Connecticut
Family Links
Heritage House
Hopeline Women's Center
Innocence Lost
India Female Feoticide
Justice for Jenna
Life Before Birth
Precious LifeInc
National Right to Life
Operation Rescue
Priest for Life
Prolife America/Links
Prolife Society
Ramesh Ponnuru-The Party of Death
Stand Up Girl
Star of David Int-Family Services
STOPP-Stop Planned Parenthood Int
Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation
The Elliot Institue-After Abortion.Org
The Justice Foundation
True Love Waits

Int Anti-Euthanasia Task Force
Vote for Life First

Sexual Identity Issues

First Stone Ministries
X-Homosexual Ministries
Parents & Friends of Ex-gays & Gays

National Fatherhood Initiative

Florida Dept of Corrections-Imate List

Search Sites

CT Sex Offender Registry
Dept of Justice/Sex Offender
Family Watch Dog/Sex Offender
Missing & Exploited Children

CNS News

Support Our Troops

Freedom Alliance.Org
Support Our Troops

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