Irish Midis

Midi Playing
After the Battle of Aughrim

A Blacksmith Courted Me
After the Battle of Aughrim
Allie Crocker
Anglers Reel
Bard Dance
Bar Maids Reel
Be Thou My Vision
Black Velvet Band
Bridget O'Malley
Buttermilk Mary
Celtic Maid
Cockles & Mussels
Cooley's Reel
Constant Billy
Crooked Bawbee
Danny Boy
Dashing White Sergeant
Dowd's Favorite
Durham Rangers
Fairy Dance
Felton Lonnen
Foggy Dew
Frost is All is Over
Gary Owen
Harvest Home
Haste to the Wedding
I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor
Inner Light
Irish Eyes
Irish Jig
Irish Medley
Irish Washerwoman
Johnny Cope Reel
John Jacob JIngleheimer Schmidt
John Ryan
Kesh Jig
King of the Fairies
King of the Pipers
Lannigan's Ball
Limerick Lasses
Lord of the Dance
McNamara's Band
Mason's Apron
May it Be
Minstrel Boy
Morpeth Rant
Morrison's Jug
Mrs McCleod
Oak Tree
Packington's Pound
Pearl Breasted Bird
Paddy Works for the Railway
Paddy Cronin's Reel
Rose of Tralee
Rosin the Beau
Rosin the Bow
Rural Felicity
Sailors Horn Pipe
Shining Clear
Speed the Plough
St Anne's
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
Swinging on the Gate
The Clog Hornpipe
The Ladies Pleasure
The Merry Blacksmith
The Muckin O'Geordie Byre
The Peacock Followed the Hen
The Water of Tyne
The Yew Tree
Toora Loora
Trumpet Hornpipe
Walking in the Air 2
Wearin of the Green
Were You at the Rock?
Wild Hills of Wannie's
Wild Mountain Thyme
Willy's Horn Pipe
Wind Shakes the Barley

Just a Tip

Midis can be used as ringtones on some cell phones like the Motorola V3 Razr. You can buy a cable that comes with software called Motorola Phone Tools about $40.00 or less. You edit & transfer pictures and midis to your cell phone without paying for Internet service on your cell phone or paying for ringtones. The software is easy to use & you can add phone numbers and calendar events & synchronize you phone calendar & address book that comes with Microsoft Outlook

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While doing this page I had to upload a lot of midis and may have forgotten some songs. If the song you want to hear does not play when clicked on email me.--Connie


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