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Picture of the car Darrell Waltrip ran in the 2000 Bud Shootout in Daytona, my favorite of the 2000 paint schemes hes run this year...will post more pictures as I find them. (originally from the Racing Champions Site)

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Welcome to my Web Page! If you are a NASCAR fan, this site is for you - I hope to turn it into a comprehensive racing site with articles, news, and info about NASCAR. A little bit about me - I am currently a sophomore at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY, majoring in history. I have been a fan of NASCAR since early 1989; my favorite driver has always been Darrell Waltrip, who last drove the #66 Big Kmart/Rt.66 Travis Carter Ford. Darrell has "retired" at the end of the 2000 season following a stellar 29-year career. 53-year-old DW won three championships, 59 poles, and also racked up 84 wins, tied for third all time in Winston Cup with Bobby Allison. I appreciate any comments visitors may have, feel free to send me an email and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, as it gets better please let people know about it! Thanks.


Update 8.9.00 CONGRATS to Darrell on his 2nd place start and 11th place finish at Indy!!! Alright!! I placed some good articles on his performance in my articles section...

Update 03.08.01 I am making some changes to the site, and fixing some stuff around...I have the message board stuff downloaded, but until it is up I put a guestbook that everyone can sign and chat about DW or whatever. I have not heard any more rumors about Darrell returning, there was some stuff mentioned early in the year about a #39 Ford sponsored by Fox Sports, crew chiefed by Larry McReynolds, and run for DW in 5 races later in the year, starting at Indy. But I have head nothing since january, and it has died down (seems far-fetched anyways). Have refined my team chart to include notes, and am going to start putting some statistics up. There is also a new article.

DW's Winston Cup Bio, The Early Years (1972-73)

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2002 Winston Cup Team Chart


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NOTE: I also have a gig as a contributing guest writer at as of November 2000. Visit their website, its pretty cool...

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(Picture from, thanks jayski!) Looking for some pictures of my own that I will post up soon. If anyone has some decent pictures of Darrell they would like to donate so I can start a phot gallery of his career, just email me at, I'll be sure to give you credit for your picture!