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Milford Connecticut
Stupid Things That Happen at Q-Zar:A Marshal's Perspective

  1. The Floor is NOT a holster for your phaser
  2. You are NOT cool for knowing about Spy Mode, Bombs, Lethal HQ, etc...
  3. If you are a regular, raising your hand when the marshal asks if anyone has played before is NOT funny
  4. If you are being shot repeatedly while in the energizer, MOVE somewhere else!!!
  5. While scores are being printed, saying what number you are repeatedly does not help...wait, just like everybody else
  6. Using your hand to cover your panel is stupid
  7. Complaining about someone who is using their hand to cover their panel is stupid
  8. Giving the marshal a hard time during the briefing will ensure that you will be given a hard time during the game
  9. When a marshal answers one of your questions, another marshal will not give you a different answer
  10. Playfully hitting your friend while the marshal goes over Rule #3 is very original (never seen that before)
  11. Trust the marshals when they tell you that your phaser is not broken. (We've done this a couple of times)
  12. Playing once a month does not qualify you as a regular
  13. Hypocrite = Complaining about an opponent who is wearing a vest with no panels and then doing it yourself the next game
  14. Just because you can read our name tags does not make you our friends
  15. What is so funny about your phaser talking to you?
  16. Please do not ask dumb irrelevant questions such as "What if I get lost?"
  17. Highlighters, hmm...they glow under the blacklight - but are they really that good for your skin?
  18. When a Marshall thinks they are really good and some random guy craps over them. (Danny - Howard Beach)
    <Side Note> All new marshals should get to know the regulars before they start to brag. <End Side Note>
  19. When a marshal asks you if anyone has any type of heart problems, or health problems, etc.., saying your friend has a mental sickness is stupid. (Inkubus7Dust)

    Sylvania, Ohio

    1. When the Laser says "Game Over, return to Energizer" and they act like they can't hear it
    2. When they look at the back of there laser and there is only one number over the "U", and they ask you what their number is.
    3. When they think the laser holder is a helmet
    4. When you say the HQ resembles a spider-looking thing and then they ask if its a real spider
    5. Raising your hand when the Marshall asks if anyone's pregnant...especially when you're a guy
    6. Not funny when you say your pack vibrates and everyone laughs
    7. When regulars come in and act like they own the place
    8. When we're sitting out front at a table and they bang on the counter even though they see us
    9. When kids pay with change
    10. When people stand by conessions and you get over there and they don't want anything

      Thanks Melissa from Qzar - Sylvania, Ohio

  20. A Female's Perspective

    1. Being a girl does not automatically mean I suck.
    2. Having your a$$ kicked by a girl does not mean that she cheated, it means that she kicked your a$$.
    3. Blocking is not against the rules so long as I keep both hands on my handset at all times...which I do, thank you.
    4. Pistol Whipping someone "because you can" is not cool...actually it's just not cool.
    5. "Yes, I wear a skirt while playing. Got a problem with that?"
    6. Playing twice a week does not necessarily make you good.
    7. Talking smack before the game does not instill fear or make it look like you're good, it just makes you look like an arogant jerk...and it makes you a fun target for people who are a little more modest about their skills. >:)
    8. Getting top gun when you are the only person over 10 on your team does not mean you're good.
    9. Calling the winning team "cheaters" merely makes it obvious to everyone in the building how bad you lost.
    10. Having the same number of people on each team does not necessarily make the teams even.
    11. You really don't need to tell me when you've hit me, that's what the speaker on my gun is for.
    12. Finally, when you treat the marshalls with disrepect, be aware that some more friendly regulars will probably get even for the Marshall. >:)

    Thanks ~Michi~

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