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Founded in 1978,

the National Veterans Services Fund, Inc.

(formerly Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Victims, Inc.)
is a not-for-profit organization located in Darien, Connecticut that provides case-managed social services and limited medical assistance to Vietnam- and Persian Gulf War- veterans and their families, with a focus on families with disabled children. All donations are tax-deductible.

Entire veteran families have been adversely affected by the experience of combat and by other war-related factors. War does not end on the battlefield. These families continue to suffer a high incidence of chronic health conditions and problems that affect the family's physical, psychological, social and economic well-being and productivity. In response to a steadily growing number of inquiries from Persian Gulf veterans, as well as veterans of other wars, we changed our name to better reflect the fact that our services are provided for all veteran families.

The families served by NVSF, Inc. have been unable to obtain the social and health services they so critically need from other sources. They have fallen between the social service system's "cracks" mainly because of a misconception that they and their families are taken care of by the VA. In fact, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not provide services to families, except in rare instances.

Before NVSF, Inc., no health or social system existed for veterans that focused on the whole family and their struggle with a multiplicity of problems. Existing systems were exclusionary and uncoordinated, often geographically distant from the family needing service. The traditional veterans' system provides services to the veteran but not the family. There has remained no coordination between veterans' and human services systems.

NVSF, Inc. uniquely combines family-guided case management (service coordination) and advocacy assistance while strengthening business, social and community support.

Services provided by NVSF, Inc. are carefully designed to empower families so that they can successfully navigate different health and social systems.

NVSF, Inc. provides an integrated program of services managed by veterans that include the following: a national hotline for veterans and their families that responds to hundreds of inquiries each month from throughout the country; an extensive repository of free information on topics ranging from the history of the Agent Orange lawsuit to the most recent Gulf War legislation; a special fund that offers limited emergency economic assistance and relief for families in crisis; business partnerships that make it possible to secure services and equipment at reduced rates or at no cost for families in need; peer counselors work with veterans who are isolated from traditional social services support and enable family members to work together to determine their own course of action to resolve their problems.

NVSF, Inc. must continue to support and provide services to veteran families, particularly those whose children, and now grandchildren, have been born with disabilities. We gratefully appreciate your support. There is still so much to accomplish to strengthen veterans' families, particularly those with children who are disabled.


Our survival is critical because these families have few alternative options.


Feel free to call me on our toll-free number, (800)521-0198
with any questions.

Thank you,

Phil Kraft

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Assist those who have served their country when you donate your car to NVSF.
Through your car donations we can provide social services and medical assistance to Vietnam- and Persian Gulf War- veterans and their families, with a focus on families with disabled children.
Make one quick, easy call, to 800-553-3018, or donate online. No more insurance and registration fees once you donate that unwanted truck, van, boat, car, RV, or plane.
The transportation company will pick it up from your house or office, at no charge, and you can deduct the fair market value of the vehicle from your taxes. Click here to learn more about car donation.

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible monetary donation,
send your check or money order
(never send cash!)
to our mailing address:
National Veterans Services Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 2465
Darien, CT 06820-0465

Description: NON-PROFIT, 501(c)(3) CHARITY. MISSION: To
educate and inform the public about the needs of veterans and
their families; to assess the needs
and provide limited assistance, relief,
and referrals to appropriate agencies
using programs that combine family-guided case
management (service coordination) and advocacy
assistance while building social
and community support.

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Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.

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