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Demeter's Repose


Welcome to the lair of my favourite Jellicle, Demeter. I am one of many CATS fans who has decided to dedicate a web page to this stunning musical. I know on my sites address it says Demeters lair, but I discovered that there was at least two other sites called that, so I changed the main name of my site, but I do not know how to change my address without having to re-do EVERYTHING.

First I would like to say a thank you to Jadadayewho helped me with this site in its early days.

If you want to link my to yours, please use my banner.

I try to update my site regularly, but its a bit difficult at the moment(well for the last year and a half with all my college work, but I will try to put things up promptly. Finally transferred my awards and im in the process of handing them out to long-waiting sites. please bear with me a little bit more. Purrs

Last updated 14th March 2002

NEWS: As we all know our beloved CATS is coming off the West End in May 2002 on its 21st birthday. We will miss it, but i'm sure it will be back, better tthan ever! I last saw it 3 days ago March 11th 2002 and it was still as good as ever! *sigh* must try to see it a couple more times before it goes!!!!

I SAW DREW VARLEY in WEST SIDE STORY on 6TH January 2000 in London playing Big Deal. He was fabulous and I was so happy and over-come with emotion seeing one of my idols on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO: In June 2000 I saw CATS in London and I was seated in the 2nd row of the moving stalls near an aisle!!!!!!!!! Full report coming soon.

AND: July 2000 I saw the Rocky Horror Show and MET JO GIBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read my Jo Gibb experience complete with picture

If you are wondering why there is a pair of lips near the bottom, I am a BIG fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (AND the rocky horror show)and it is a link to the official site which is fab I must say.

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"Until the Jellicle Moon appears, we make our toilette and take our repose......."

I know I have no rights to any part of the musical CATS and I am not profiting from this site, I am just a fan showing my appreciation. I know the rights belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber, RUG, TSE. All pictures are copyright the photographer and if the photographer wishes them 2 be removed they will be immediately after I've been informed. Thank you.