The 1845 New Statistical Account of Scotland

Parish of Corstorphine


I. Topography & Natural History

II. Civil History

a)  Estates & Properties
b) Parochial Registers
c) Antiquities
d)  Stone Coffins
e) Land Owners & Valued Rents

III. Industry

IV.  Parochial Economy
a)  Ecclesiastical History & State
b)  Collegiate Church
c)  Parish Church
d)  Church and Monuments
e)  Stipends
f) Ministers since the Reformation

V.  Presbyterial Visitations

VI.  Church Discipline

VII.  Election of Ministers & Elders

VIII.  Gogar

IX.  Gogar Kirk, Churchyard & Glebe

X.  Ecclesiastical Statistics

XI.  Education

XII.  Poor & Parochial Funds

XIII.  Fairs

XIV.  Miscellaneous Observations