Annals of the Free Church of Scotland

Corstorphine Free Church

David Horn, minister of the parish in 1843, did not adhere to the Free Church, but many of the parishoners "came out", and at the first meeting of the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh steps were taken to constitute a congregation in Corstorphine.  Sabbath services were held, first in Lind's Flour Store, and then in a tent.  By the month of August, 1843 a movement had begun which resulted in the erection of a church.  Dr. George Burns, late of Tweedsmuir, was put in charge in October and in January 1844 he was settled as minister.  The church was opened in 1845, remodeled in 1869 and enlarged in 1889.  The manse was built in 1847.

George Burns, D.D. 1844-1876
James Morrison, 1865-