THE TIMES (London)





March 30, 1820

Monday se’nnight, Patrick Branan, Isaac Eccles, Wm. Brown, and Mary Fisher, were convicted of fraudulently pretending that they were authorized to draw money from the parish of Corstorphine for persons travelling to Glasgow, and using simulated papers for that purpose. Mary Fisher was sentenced to be transported for seven years; William Brown to be transported for five; and Branan and Eccles to be imprisoned in Bridewell, and kept to hard labour, for one year.


July 21, 1869

On the 17th of July at The Manse, Corstorphine, the wife of the Rev. R.K.D. Horne, of a daughter.


May 11, 1875

On the 7th of May at 28 Northumberland street, Edinburgh, Caroline Cooke, widow of the late Rev. David Horne, Minister of Corstorphine. Relatives and friends are respectfully requested to accept this, the only intimation.


October 13, 1875

On the 27th Sept. 1875, W. R. A. Lamond, Esq., A.C.G., at Pentland View Villa, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, aged 86.


April 9, 1878

On Thursday, the 4th April, at Fixby, Corstorphine, near Edinburgh, Catherine, widow of the the late William Girdwood, Esq., J.P.


October 20, 1879

On the 17th inst., at 13 Malbro’ buildings, Bath, David Johnston, aged 78, formerly of Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

August 13, 1883

On the 16th inst., at Hillside Villa, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, HENRY BEVERIDGE, formerly of the National Bank of Scotland, Kirkcaldy.


January 02, 1884

At St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh, by the Rev. E. C. Dawson, assisted by the Rev. Fanwick Stowe, Vicar of Aysgarth and the Rev. Arthur Haslam, John B. Haslam, H. M. Inspector of Schools for Leicestershire to Helen Maria, eldest daughter of Major General James Murray Grant, Southleigh, Corstorphine.


July 30, 1887

On the 28th inst., at Hillwood, Corstorphine, N.B., Alexander Bonar Fleming, Esq., of Hillwood. Friends are requested to accept this intimation.


May 23, 1891

On the 21st inst., at East Craigs, Corstorphine, N.B., Thomas Cossar, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., aged 71 years. Friends will please accept this (the only) intimation.


March 05, 1897

Tod – On the 3rd March at Clerwood, Corstorphine, Midlothian, Robert Tod, aged 70.


June 23, 1899

Fleming – On the 21st inst., at Hilwood, Corstorphine, Midlothian, Euphemia Burton, widow of Alexander Bonar Fleming, Esq. Friends will kindly accept this, the only, intimation.

November 30, 1934

CORMACK – On Tuesday, November 27, 1934 at ‘The Cedars’, Corstorphine, Edinburgh. JAMES GRIEVE CORMACK. F.R.C.S.