Edinburgh Suburban Directory

Tait, Ross T. M., Lenny, 56 Hillview terrace
Tait, Mrs. J., 6 Craigs avenue
Taylor, J. & R., butchers and poulterers, 80 St. John's road
Taylor, Alexander, 5 Clermiston road
Taylor, George A., (agent, Refuge Assurance Co.), 2 Oswald terrace
Telfer, Robert, 2 Forrester road
Telfer, Thomas, boot repairer and saddler, St. John's road; house, 1 Belgrave terrace
Tennant, Hugh Linn, 64 Turnhouse road
Terrace, James, butcher, 5 Ormiston terrace
Thom, Mrs. Helen, 35 Glasgow road
Thomson, D. M., 5 Glebe road
Thomson, James, Glengowan, 13 North Gyle terrace
Thomson, Jas. H., Wideford, 65 Clermiston road
Thomson, John, Stavros, Corstorphine Bank drive
Thomson, John, Mayville, 15 St. John's terrace
Thomson, Thomas, fishmonger, 253 St. John's road
Tod, Mrs., of Clerwood, Clermiston road
Tod, Miss M. C., F.R.C.S., Clerwood
Todd, The Misses Enever, 41 Old Kirk road
Turner, Harold W., ironmonger, 100 St. John's road; house, 37 Gordon road
Turnhouse Golf Club Ltd., Lennie Park
Union Bank of Scotland, (agent: D. S. Thyne; agent: D. Burgess; sub-agent, F. J. T. Fisher), 102 St. John's road
Urquhart, Edward A., 6 St. John's avenue
Wakeham, Miss, Dione, 11 Hillview terrace
Walker, A. W. P., 1 Craigs avenue
Walker, H. N., 25 Corstorphine Park gardens
Walker, Miss E., 16 St. John's terrace
Walker, Miss, Ardbeg, Kaimes road
Wallace, Charles M., 4 Glebe gardens
Wallace, John G., clothier and draper, 3 & 4 Belgrave place
Wallace, Mrs. Mary A., Broomknowes, 10 Dovecot road
Walls, William, R.S.A., R.S.W., 20 Kaimes road
Walpole, Dorothea, medical practicioner, 188 St. John's road
Watson, John T. R., butter importer, Greenlums, Clermiston road
Watson, T. Redpath, retired headmaster, 55 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Watson, Mrs. J., 4 St. Ninian's road
Watson, Mrs. Ogilvie, Ferniherst, 12 St. John's road
Waugh, Rev. R., 281 St. John's road
Waugh, Mrs., 35 Traquair park West
Weierter, F. & Son, licensed grocers, 172 St. John's road
Welch, Miss, Halltree, 50 Hillview terrace
Weston, David, joiner, Gogar
Weston, W. D., blacksmith, Gogar
Westwood, Mrs. C. G., 1 Craigs grove
White, David, 47 Corstorphine Bank drive
White, Robert, Corbie-Linn, Pearce avenue
White, Roger H., L.D.S. Ed., 196 St. John's road
White, Misses, Silverdale, 39 Hillview road
Whyte, D. (Chiswick Products Ltd.), 23 Featherhall crescent South
Wight, Mrs. Mary, Westerhouse, 10 Traquair park West
Wilkinson, T., Southview, Corstorphine Bank terrace
Williams, J. J., 9 Belgrave road
Willis, James, fruiterer, 47 Manse road
Wilson, Douglas, incorporated accountant and auditor, The Haven, 74 Glasgow road
Wilson, Hugh McLachlan, F.C.I.I., Grainaig, 2 Glebe gardens
Wilson, James, 18 Cairnmuir road
Wilson, R. C., Glencairn, 22 Traquair park West
Wilson, William, Carment, 30 Craigmount park
Wilson, William F., clerk of works, 6 Hillview drive
Wilson, Mrs. Arthur, Ardmohr, 19 Gordon road
Wilson, Mrs. Margaret, 3 Sycamore terrace
Wilson, Mrs. Thos., 17 Old Kirk road
Windle, Mrs. Fred, Westgarth, 53 Meadowhouse road
Wood & Milligan, nurserymen, Ladywell road and Gyle Nursery, Glasgow road
Wood, James W., Holly Bank, 5 St. Ninian's road
Wood, William, Appin House, Drumbrae South
Wood, Mrs. J., 3 Glebe road
Wright, B. A., F.C.I.I., A.L.A.A., 23 Hillview road
Wright, Mrs. Marion, Bellfield Dairy, Gylemuir road
Wyper, Mrs. E., Medwyn, 64 Glasgow road
Young, Campbell, civil servant, Tinto, 2 Craigs crescent
Young, George, Oruro, 26 St. John's road
Young, James, farmer, Meadowfield, Turnhouse road
Yuille, Montague B., 24 Corstorphine Bank terrace