Edinburgh Suburban Directory

Easson, Mrs. A., 46 Clermiston road
Edinburgh and Dumfrieeshire Dairy Co. Ltd., 76 St. John's road and 20 Glasgow road
Edwards, Richard J., 13 Hillview road
Elder, George, 25 Craigmount gardens
Ellen, D. W., commercial traveller, Lyndhurst, 38 Glasgow road
Elliot, Matthew, 12 Meadowhouse road
Ewing, Andrew, Clermiston mains
Fairbairn, J. Hume, M.Ph. Sc., chemist (house above), 84 St. John's road
Falconer, John & Son, joiners, Clermiston road
Farquhar, James, Balintore, 33 Hillview road
Fell & Mathieson, plumbers and electricians, 136 St. John's road
Fell, D. Y., 29 Clermiston road
Fellows, R. D., 90 glasgow road
Ferguson, James, 61 Hillview road
Fergusson's Cash Stores, grocers, 5 & 7 Station road
Findlay, Harold A., Avalon, 44 Meadowhouse road
Finlayson, James, Rosedale, 1 Glebe gardens
Finlayson, Lieut.-Col. Wm. T., O.B.E., Green Craig, 37 Glasgow road
Fisher, Angus C. M., 58 Belgrave road
Fisher, John Murray, Nuneham, Broomhouse road
Fisher, John M., 18 Craigs avenue
Fisher, J. A. S., 55 Hillview crescent
Fisher, Mrs. A., Gowanlea, 8 North Gyle road
Fisher, Mrs. Margaret, 4 Drum Brae South
Fitzsimons, John, Belhaven, Glasgow road
Fleming, James (L. & C. Hardimuth), 4 Castle avenue
Fleming, John, 11 Glebe grove
Fleming, Mrs. Jeannie F., Avonlea, 10 Forrester road
Fleming's Stores Ltd.., household ironmonger, 259 and 261 St. John's road
Flemington, Mrs. R. Russell, 6 Whitehouse terrace
Fletcher, Alex. L., The Mount, 2 Belgrave road
Flockhart, Alex., 53 Glasgow road
Forrest, D. R., Lisnacree, 3 Forrester road
Forrester, W. T., solicitor, 75 Belgrave road
Forsyth, C. E., Woodbine, High street
Forsyth, Mrs. M. C., 9 Hillview terrace
Fox, Percy G., 2 Glasgow road
Fraser, J. G., 93 Hillview road
Fraser, N. Stuart, M.B., Ch.B., anaesthetist, Courtland, 87 St. John's road
Fraser, Mrs. Mary W., Waratah, 11 Gordon road
Fraser, Mrs., 28 Craigmount park
Frier, Miss E. C., The Neuk tea-rooms, 267 St. John's road
Fullerton, Alexander, 38 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Fyfe, Archd. D., Green Acres, Old Kirk road
Gaillie, Robert A., Fox Covert, Clermiston road
Galloway, William, 10 Pearce road
Galloway, Mrs. J. A., Marchfield, North Saughton road
Gardiner, J. P., Torwood, Hillview road
Gardner, James, C.E., Braidwood, 63 Clermiston road
Gardner, William, St. Ronan's, 81 St. John's road
Gates, Hance T. R., 25 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Geddes, John E., teacher, 26 Barony terrace
Geddes,Miss, Redhouse, 1 Hillview terrace
Gerrard, W. W., provision merchant, 82 St. John's road
Gibson, G., St. Mary's, Templeland road
Gilbert, James, 17 Pearce avenue
Gillespie, F. G., 16 Drum brae South,
Gillespie, J. R. Ure., S.S.C., 56 Clermiston road
Gillie, Alex. M., Hillview, 1 Forrester road
Gillon, Robert J., 27 Clermiston road
Gillon, Robert S., Commercial traveller, 64 Hillview road
Glass, William D., 9 Corstorphine House avenue
Glen, G., draper, (110 and 177 Dalry road), 44 Carrick Knowe terrace
Glen, James. O.B.E., F.S.I., chartered surveyor and valuer, 5 Belgrave road
Gogarburn Certified Institution, Corstorphine
Gowans, R. W., 87 Meadowhouse road
Graham, Douglas Greig, 4 Craigs crescent
Graham, James, M.A., Laurenny, 6 Hillview terrace
Graham, J. S., Lyndene, Glasgow road
Grant, Mrs. Drummond, 15 Chalmers crescent
Gray, Peter, accountant, 26 Hillview drive
Gray, Robert, 1 Whitehouse terrace
Gray, Wm. H., farmer, South Gyle farm; house, South Gyle road
Gray, Mrs. V. H., 26 Glasgow road
Green, Crawford, 52 Belgrave road
Greig, James, 5 Craigmount grove
Greig, Thomas, Motlaw, 40 Corstorphine Park gardens
Greig, Mrs. Francis, Lindean, Barony terrace
Greig, Mrs., 11 St. Ninian's road
Grieve, The Misses, Caddon Dale, North Saughton road
Groundwater, R. Y., 50 Carrick Knowe parkway
Grove, John A., (H. M. Inspector of Mines), 32 Forrester road
Gunn, Hugh, M.A., B.A., 66 Corstorphine Bank drive
Gunn, P. W .G., 25 Meadowhouse road
Hagart, Misses, 18 Templeland road
Hall, Archd., 34 Craigs crescent
Hall, David A., 215 St. John's road; house, Rosedale, 64 Hillview terrace
Hall, Samuel S., 7 Carrick Knowe hill
Halliday, A. (Hopkinson's Ltd.), Birletta, Craigs avenue
Hames, Jackson, Lynclutha, North Saughton road
Hamilton, P. P., 9 Craigmount avenue
Hartland, William, clerk, 29 Featherhall crescent South
Hastie, R. J. Craigouris, 51 Hillview terrace
Hay, The Misses, Rosehill, 32 Clermiston road
Heatlie, Robert C., Welcome Hame, 2 Featherhall crescent South
Hedderick, John, motor hirer, Hedderick's garage, 116 St. John's road; house 1 Glebe grove
Henderson, David, Millhill, North Saughton road
Henderson, David S., commercial traveller, 59 St. John's road
Henderson, James, A.C.I.S., 21 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Henderson, Thomas, 2 Hillview terrace
Henderson, Misses A., T., and E., 19 Belgrave road
Herkes, Robert, 9 Craigmount Park
Hodge, Archibald, 6 Maybank villas
Hogg, Robert, Ingliston, 55 Hillview terrace
Horwood, Mrs. helen, Odinsgarth, 28 Belgrave road
Hossack, A. G., slater and plasterer, 1 Belgrave terrace
Howden-Ferme, Mrs. J. C., Glenalmond, 1 Craigs crescent
Hume, John, coal merchant, Corstorphine station; house, Thistle cottage, 52 Manse road
Hunter, E. N., 37 Barony terrace
Hunter, James Henry, solicitor, Dunearn, 37 Manse road
Hunter, Miss Mary, 20 Belgrave road
Hutchison, John, 32 Craigmount park
Inglis, Miss A. M., 10 Belgrave road
Inglis, Miss Ruby C., 25 Belgrave road
Irvine, Alexander, 15 Craigmount park