Edinburgh Suburban Directory

Ramsay, James, The Allows, Cairnmuir road
Ramsay, John, 16 Glasgow road
Ramsay, J. L., 4 St. John's gardens
Ransomes' Lawn Mower Repairing Depot for Scotland in conjunction with the Morton Engineering Company, 162-168 St. John's road
Ratter, James R., 14 Corstorphine Bank terrace
Readdie, Mrs. E. F., 36 Clermiston road
Reid, Chisolm, watchmaker, 235a St. John's road
Reid, Mrs., Mayville, 1 Glebe road
Reid, Misses, 22 Craigs road
Reid, Miss, Glenisla, 21 Belgrave road
Reilly, James, contractor, 12 Hillview terrace
Renwick, Miss, Belmont, 7 Glebe gardens
Richardson, George, 4 Belgrave terrace
Richardson, John, Hillview, Craigs road
Richardson, Robert, St. Ellen, 12 Hillview road
Ritchie, Andrew, commercial traveller, 4 St. John's terrace
Ritchie, J. R. & W. Smail, S.S.C., Elibank, 34 St. John's road
Rictchie, John R. S., S.S.C., Elibank, 34 St. John's road
Ritchie, Walter, 36 St. Ninian's road
Ritchie, William, commercial traveller, Mardale, Corstorphine Bank drive
Robb, Alexander, 23 St. Ninian's road
Roberts, William, Drumcarling, 20 Barony terrace
Robertson, David S., painter and decorator, Sheileen, 7 Meadow Place road
Robertson, George, 87 Belgrave road
Robertson, G. A., 22 Cairnmuir road
Robertson, Thomas, Struan, 76 Belgrave road
Robertson, Miss, Struan Cottage, North Saughton road
Robertson, Jeannie, 7 Belgrave place
Rodger, Joseph, Summerlea, Gylemuir road
Rosie, James, (fire inspector for cinemas, etc.), 57 Glasgow road
Ross, J., Laurel Bank, 32 Dovecot road
Ross, W. Melvin, Culcreuch, 23 Gordon road
Roxburgh, Mrs. L. A., 26 Belgrave road
Roxburgh, Mrs., 35 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Royal Bank of Scotland, 88 St. John's road
Ruffie, Herbert C., Kinrara, 12 Traquair park West
Russell, L. W., 14 Kaimes road
Russell, Miss, Sunnybank, Clermiston road
Samuel, John T., 5 St. John's terrace
Sanderson, William Henry, Glensax, 63 Meadowhouse road
Sandilands, Andrew, 9 Hillview road
Sandilands, George, St. Mary's, 31 Traquair park West
Saunders, James H., 39 Traquair park West
Scott, A. & H., grocers, 10 Ormiston terrace
Scott, A. G. B., 4 Corstorphine Park gardens
Scott, D. D., 11 Oldkirk road
Scott, J. Gillespie, technical chemist, Annieslea, 47 Clermiston road
Scott, R., 19 Hillview terrace
Scott, Thomas, market gardener, Ferry Bank, 100 St. John's road
Scott, Thomas, 50 Gordon road
Scott, William H., Lyndhurst, Corstorphine Bank drive
Scott, W. B. C., 14 Craigs avenue
Scott, Mrs. Annie, 64 Meadowhouse road
Scott, Mrs. C. R., Avon Bank, 21 Clermiston road
Scott, Mrs. Jessie, Greenpark, Gylemuir road
Scott, Miss Janet A., Oakby house, 98 St. John's road
Scottish Folk Fabrics, Ladywell road
Scottish Society for Research in Plant Breeding, Craigs House, Craigs road
Shannon, Hugh W., J.P., (S. & James Ltd.) Radcliffe, 1 Traquair park West
Shepherd, David, Cargill, North Saughton road
Shepherd, George, 1 Craigs road
Shiels, William B., 7 St. John's avenue
Sibbald, H. W., commercial traveller, 53 Hillview road
Sime, Alexander Lindsay, 68 Hillview road
Simpson, James, 80 Carrick Knowe drive
Smart, Mrs. M. R., 52 Glasgow road
Smith, Charles S. & Son, joiners, Bellwood, 158 St. John's road
Smith, John, builder, Ardeonaig, 305 St. John's road
Smith, J. Cowie, potato merchant, 3 Roull road
Smith, J. C., Redcroft, 18 Corstorphine Bank terrace
Smith, William S., 21 Meadowhouse road
Smith, Mrs. John, Mossgiel, 11 Corstorphine Bank avenue
Somerville, Miss H. W., 9 Old Kirk road
Spalding, James, 13 Hillview drive
Stahly, Charles, Lecropt, North Saughton road
Stevenson, Rev. A. W., 38 St. Ninian's road
Stevenson, James, Dunrig, 9 Traquair park West
Stewart, Charles Edward, Kellerstane, Gogar
Stewart, George M., Kalinova, 35 Forrester road
Stewart, John B., (New Register House), 23 Meadowhouse road
Stewart, Robert Brechin, nurseryman, Rowanbank, 1 Glasgow road
Stewart, Mrs. Robert, Kaimes Lodge, Kaimes road
Stewart, Catherine, 7 Old Kirk road
Stobie, James, 29 Craigmount park
Stocks, Harry M., 38 Traquair park West
Stoddart, Alexander, slater and chimney sweep, Beech Cottage, 50 Manse road
Storie, James F., F.S.I., surveyor, 44 Station road
Stronach, George W., 6 St. Ninian's road
Stuart, Thomas, 15 Hillview crescent
Sutherland, J., newsagent and stationer, 8 Ormiston terrace
Sutherland, John, 3 Corstorphine Hill avenue
Sutherland, Mrs. M., Loganlea, 68 Hillview terrace
Swan, Miss, Morningquest, 43 Broomhouse road
Swanson, James, 28 Traquair park West
Syme, Benjamin, bootmaker, 209 St. John's road; house, Elmslie Cottage, Hope Street
Syme, Mrs. Isabella, 44 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Symington, Mrs. J. M., 28 Meadowhouse road