Edinburgh Suburban Directory

Jackson, Charles H., 58 Hillview road
Jameson, Peter (H.M. Exchequer), Valhalla, 34 Barony terrace
Jamieson, H., Customs and Excise office, Braecroft, Pearce avenue
Jamieson, Capt. J. C., 13 Craigs road
Jamieson,  R. A., Craigmore, Corstorphine Bank drive
Jeffrey, Peter T. S., Strathmore, 50 Belgrave road
Johns, W. T., Yarrow, 28 Castle avenue
Johnson, J. E., 11 Craigs avenue
Johnson, W. H., architect, 32 St. John's road
Johnson, Mrs., Pentland view, 32 St. John's road
Johnston, J. S., 6 Templeland road
Johnston, R. B., 1 Corstorphine Park gardens
Kay, David, Drumtor, Drum brae South
Kay, George Mason, joiner, Darnick, 6 Featherhall avenue
Kelly, F. N. Davidson, lawyer, 11 Corstorphine Hill avenue
Kelly, Miss Rosalie M., 32 Corstorphine Bank terrace
Kerr, Mrs. R., 24 Craigs avenue
Kettles, George, 2 Chalmers crescent
Kidd, D. G. M., 211 St. John's road
Kidd, Henry Peter, 33 Meadowhouse road
King, Norman P., 20 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Kinneil Motor Works, motor engineers, 225 St. John's road
Kirk, James & Sons, bakers, 1 Ormiston terrace
Kirk, J. A. O., 52 Hillview road
Kirkpatrick, Miss Janet A., 54 Gordon road
Knox, John, police constable, 3 Corstorphine Park gardens
Krafft, Mrs. Mabel von, 25 Hillview terrace
Kyles, John, plumber, 36 Belgrave road
Laidlaw, George Crawford, 45 Manse road
Lambert, James, Linwood, Kaimes road
Lamont, James H. & Co. Ltd., Securex, engineers, brassfounders and coppersmiths, Gyle Muir works
Langskill, Miss Mary, The Rowans, 33  Dovecot road
Latimer, William, 7 Gordon road
Laurenson, Robert, 28 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Lawrie, R. & J., dairymen, Gogar green
Lawrie, Allan S., Avalon, 25 Craigs avenue
Lawson, Alex., Benarty, 42 Traquair park West
Learmonth, John, Burnlea, 24 Dovecot road
Leith Convalescent Home, 9 Forrester road
Leith, Robert, watchmaker, 74 St. John's road
Lennox, David V., 7 St. John's terrace
Leonard, Miss K., chiropodist, 202 St. John's road
Lister, Thomas A., 3 Glebe terrace
Lister, David H. S., 4 Belgrave gardens
Little, J. D., 12 St. Ninian's road
Low, J. Gibb, 3 St. John's terrace
Lumsdaine, J. M., 14 St. Ninian's road
Lumsden, R. M., 29 Drum brae South
Lyall, William, Amulree, 97 St. John's road
Lyon, Alexander, 26 Traquair park West