Edinburgh Suburban Directory

Post Office:  J. M. Waddell, postmaster

Places of Worship:
Parish Church:  Rev. O.B. Milligan, M.C. B.D.
St. Anne's:  Rev. Stewart Mechie, M.A.
St. Ninian's:  Rev. Peter Beith, M.A.
Church of the Good Shepherd, Episcopal; Rev. A. W. Stevenson
U.F. Church of Scotland: Rev. R. Waugh

Railway: (L. & N.E.R.)-Alex Lamont, stationmaster

Adams, Robert (R. A. & Sons), Garleton, 18 Belgrave Road
Alexander, Mrs. John, St. John's,  39 Clermiston Road
Allan, J., Mason, 9 St. John's Terrace
Allan, William, 15 Craigs Avenue
Allan, Mrs. H., ladies' and children's outfitters, 12 Ormiston Terrace
Allan, Mrs. Thomas, Newland, 14 Belgrave Road
Alley, W., 1 Corstorphine Hill Crescent
Allison, William, farmer, Redheughts
Alston, Mrs. A., M., 24 Hillview Drive
Amour, James, commercial traveller, 15 Pearce Avenue
Anderson & Walker, builders and joiners, 233 St. John's road
Anderson, David, 37 Craigs Crescent
Anderson, William, solicitor, 21 Pearce Avenue
Andrew, W.S., 15 Belgrave road
Andrew, Jean Y., dental surgeon, 15 Belgrave road
Andrews, George H., Esslemont, 43 Hillview Crescent
Angus, A. W. , D.S.O., C.A., Claremont, Clermiston road
Anthony, Mrs. Helen, 6 Drum brae South
Archibald, Harry, 46 Gordon road,
Arnot, James, Carnethy, 22 Hillview Terrace
Arnott, Hugh McMillan, Mamore, 2 Featherhall crescent North
'Astoria, The', Corstorphine Picture House Ltd., Manse road
Auchmuty, John, 43 Old Kirk Road
Auckland, Richard, 33 Craigmount Park
Auld, Andrew W., 59 Hillview Terrace
Auld, James, 10 St. John's gardens
Baillie, Misses, 5 Gordon road
Bain, George, 19 Craigs crescent
Balfour, Wm., J.P., Manbeen, 17 Belgrave road
Ball, Alfred E., Craigarden, 8 Corstorphine Bank drive
Bank of Scotland, 1 Belgrave place and 206 St. John's road
Banks, Douglas R., furnishing ironmonger 219 St. John's road; house 289 St. John's road
Bannister, Fred Evelyn, 7 Hillview road
Barker, Henry, Ardlaw, Cairnmuir road
Barrington, J. & M. stationers and newsagents, 140 St. John's road and 142 Saughton road North
Barty, Miss H. M., Heathcote, 15 Hillview terrace
Baxter, Mrs. David, Thrushlaw, Drum brae South
Beatson, D. J., civil engineer, contractors' merchant, Bromley, 87 Glasgow road
Beattie, Thomas, Cardena, 54 Hillview terrace
Beattie, Victor H., 12 Dovecot road
Bennet, James Hartley, Drum brae South
Bennet, J., baker and confectioner, 64 St. John's road,
Bennett, John Edward, St. Anthony, North Saughton Road
Bertram, James C., 43 Meadowhouse road
Beveridge, D. S., 3 Chalmers crescent
Beveridge, Rev. J., M.B.E., B.D., K.S.O., 38 Broomhouse road
Bickerstaff, Hugh, 34 St. Ninian's road
Bigam, James A., 8 North Gyle Terrace
Biggar, Mrs., Eaglesham, 28 Clermiston road
Bishop, David A., M.A., 10 Belgrave gardens
Bishop, William, printer and publisher, Dunara, 36 Templeland Road
Bishop, William, 31 Pearce Avenue
Boland, H.B., 21 Corstorphine Bank drive
Bonsor, Clement James (agent, Bank of Scotland), Brentham, 9 Barony terrace
Boond, D.W., 27 Featherhall crescent South
Borthwick, James, Morven, 29 Dovecot road
Bousie, Robert, 40 Craigs road
Bowden, W. Martin, chemist, 207 St. John's road; house, 16 Craigs crescent
Bowmac Motors Ltd., motor engineers, 19 and 21 Glasgow road
Boyd, Alexander, pig dealer, Windyvale, Meadow Place road
Boyd, Archd. Nimmo, farmer, Broomhouse, Broomhouse road
Bradley, William, 6 Craigmount grove
Braehead Farm Dairy; John Wood, proprietor, Clermiston road
Bremner, Mrs. F. M., 29 Hillview terrace
Brockley, T. W., insurance inspector, 32 Corstorphine Hill gardens
Brooks, John, S.S.C., Hillrig, Old Kirk road
Brow, William, gardener, fruiterer and florist, 113D St. John's road
Brow, William T., 56 Corstorphine Bank drive
Brown & Meikle, Misses, 4 Ormiston terrace; house, 2 Belgrave place
Brown, John & Son, grocers and wine merchants, St. John's road
Brown, R. G., 26 Craigmount park
Brown, Walter, Jedville, St. John's road
Brown, William, builder, 3 Craigs avenue
Brown, William, 5 Pearce avenue,
Brown, W. T. E., 85 Hillview road
Brown, Mrs. M. T., 9 Kaimes road
Bruce, John, commercial traveller, 5 Corstorphine Hill road
Bruce, Miss H. J., 29 Glasgow road
Brydie, D. W., W.S., 65 Hillview road
Brydon, Miss A. L., Lilrig, 68 Belgrave road
Brydone, John B. W., 15 Hillview road
Budge, James, Lintlaw, 28 Barony terrace
Bury, Miss, 40 Hillview road
Bush, Mr. Victor G. A., Drumbrae house
Buttercup Dairy Co., 6 Ormiston terrace
Buttercup Poultry Farm, Clermiston mains, Clermiston road