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SGT. Willis F. Diggs, USARMY Retired
Inner City Community Coffee House
P. O. Box 7794
New Haven, CT 06519
Phone: (203) 410-2035 (cell)

Welcome to my page. The Inner City Community Coffee House is a program of
the Interfaith Cooperative Ministeries,Inc.

BACKGROUND - Founded in 1992, in memory of the former "Exit Coffee House" that was housed in the same location in the sixties, the Coffee House was created as a social arm to the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and designed to assist its guests, and others who attend its weekly events, by providing information, support, motivation, training and referrals.. especially to those who are struggling toward self reliance, the homeless and working poor.

TYPES OF ACTIVITIES - Workshops, Guest Speakers, Outings, Holiday Events, Tournaments, Arts & Crafts, Veterans Stand Down Support, Talent Shows and other activities are held in a relaxed safe and friendly environment.

WHEN & WHERE - Each Tuesday from 3pm - 5pm at the First and Summerfield UMC, New Haven, CT, the Coffee House is open just before the evening meal at 6pm...To find out more about our hosts..Click Here!!

Refreshments are served as guests participate in Coffee House programming. Some read the newspaper, magazines or play board games..while others listen to music and just 'chill'....

Here at the Coffee House you will find some of the coolest peeps....gettin their groove on!

FORGIVE YOUR ENEMIES, BUT NEVER FORGET THEIR NAMES! ...As a tribute to my fallen and scarred fellow Veterans...I bring you this piece...


I'm Watching the rain fall silently down,
It drops like magic, without a sound.
It is sent from God, to nourish the earth.
As it does in the spring to give the season new birth.
And as deep thought takes over,
And my mind then strays,
I can easily return to my childhood days.

Maybe walking home in the warm summer rain,
Or a teenager in school with no worries or pain.
Hunting in the mountains when a shower moves in,
With my shotgun on my lap,
Just me and the wind,
But there is another side to rain,
That's depressing as hell,
Where unpleasant scenes can unfold as well.

Like ambush patrols during monsoon season,
Or search and destroy missions without given reason.
I can still smell the gunpowder after a firefight,
With the rain falling just before daylight.
Or walking a muddy stream on a recon patrol,
Or a rude awakening in a water-drenched foxhole.

But the good times must always outweigh the bad,
So as we go through life with it's heartaches and pain,
Remember the sun will appear if...
You'll wait out the rain!!
..........Written by Randy Taylor, Viet Nam Vet 1967-68


Muriel (Judy) Jordan, (pictured here at our annual outing) the Coffee House Arts & Crafts Specialist, has been engaging our guests in designing crafts...They created wedding decorations for Judy's son's wedding. More folks are involved in beadwork, wall and table decorations and jewelry. Our annual cookout at College Park, in conjuction with the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, was a success...once again. The bus (Compliments of a Coffee House Friend)returned to town safely (SMILE). About 45 participants smacked their lips on hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, salads and several kinds of snacks and desserts. Here's our co-coordinator, Gil, grillin' his heart out

The weather was great and most participants sat under the trees and under the pavillion, and played cards, board games and listened to music, while some of the others played in the play area with the younger attendees.. It was a nice break for us all...
We are planning events for Black History Month, 2004. A caseworker from Village of Power, a program of the Hill Health Center Outreach Center will be on hand on Feb 10th to show the film 'Touched By an Angel', followed by a discussion. Another caseworker will be stationed at the Coffee House each Tuesday assisting our guests with referrals to services they need. CLICK HERE To see the variety of services are available. Other events are in planning stage. We are always in need of toiletries, warm clothing (hats, gloves and scarves etc), gift certificates, bus tokens etc.

Also, 10% of the proceeds from sales from the WILL DO ENTERPRISES Online Store will be donated and used to buy gift items for guests of the Coffee House. You can browse the store by CLICKING HERE


For Those Interested In Some Excellent Sites For African American Information...CLICK HERE!!

~ HOW CAN YOU HELP...YOU ASK ??? ~ ....and for those who were brought here by last year's mailing called 'Un_Event - Tea Party', We thank you for coming and for your donation.

Friends and associates have offered blessings and encouragement for the work I do.
When asked if we welcome donations to support our efforts... I respond, "Heck Yes!"...We are looking to purchase arts & craft materials, refreshments and food related supplies etc...any help I can get would be greatly appreciated...We are also looking for performers...and we are looking to rent a bus to transport Veterans to this year's Stand Down in Rocky Hill, CT., in September, 2005. If you like, I can highlight you as a supporter on this page for all to see.
Please see the address above and Innercity Community Coffee House is the official name...All contributions are tax deductible...just in case you wondered....(SMILE!!)

ALLERGY SUFFERERS...To Get An Allergy Forecast for your local area or anywhere in the US..



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"If A Man Does His Best..What Else Is There??"..George Patton
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