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~~~ Go mba seacht bhfearr a bheas tú bliain ó inniu ! ~~~ Caith siar é is ná lig aniar é ! ~~~

The Celtic World

    When the eagle shall nest in the hollow glen,
    When mountain and fen shall from mists be free.
    When the priests shall no longer for gold be seeking,
    The crow shall be speaking as plain as we.

    Be not too wise, not too foolish.
    Be not too conceited, nor too diffident.
    Be not too haughty, nor too humble.
    Be not too talkative, nor too silent.
    Be not too hard, nor too feeble.
    - Cormac -

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    Though intoxicating thou deemest the ales of Inisfail ,
    More intoxicating are the ales of the good land.
    The wonderful land - the land I speak of ,
    Where youth never grows to old age.

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    Ni gnach cosaint ar dith tiarna.
    ( Rarely is a fight continued when the chief has fallen. )

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