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Brotha Lynch Hung

When Hell is full the Dead will walk the Earth

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Brotha Lynch Hung was born Kevin Mann in Sacramento, California on February 30,1972. He attended Luther Burbank High School where he spent much time in trouble and later dropped out to work. His peers later opened his eyes to the lyrical talent that he possesed. Thus creating the Brotha Lynch Hung . The mystique of the Brotha Lynch Hung started back in 1986 with the album "Nigga Deep", a duet with Sicx, then known as Triple Sicx Bounty. Years later he re-appeared and produced on fellow label mate X-Raided's album "Psycho Active". 1993 marked the solo debut for Brotha Lynch with the album "24 Deep". This underground classic layed ground for the future of this gifted man. Especially the single "Walkin' 2 My Funeral" which was on the Billboard Singles Charts for a long period of time. The next project up from Brotha Lynch Hung was the album "Season of Da Siccness". This album exploded into the charts and was the first nationwide release for Lynch and Black Market Records. "Season of Da Siccness" remained in the Billboards top 2000 selling albums for numerous months and continues to be a favorite among rap fans. After a 2 year break, Brotha Lynch Hung dropped the long anticipated album "Loaded". The third album in the series proved to bring as much stir to the rap world as did the previous two, if not more. Although some fans say that this is not one didn't have the edge that Season Of the Siccness had, it provides the most incite into his life. "If you get high then you can feel me no matter who you are" -Lynch and it is very much the truth. Even to those that do not get high if you can get your mind to another level this is the album of choice for you. Contrary to popular believe lynch is not dead. He might seem like it due to the on going battles with his record label BLACK MARKET RECORDS. There is a man fighting for his freedom so he can have his own creativity be felt by his fans and not molded into something he is not. When Lynch gets off of blacc market and onto Siccmade where his heart and mind is, expect the most out of the man. He has about 4 albums worth of material just waiting to be dropped. The next album supposedly being put out by Brotha Lynch Hung is called EBK4 and is not sanctioned by the artist and at his site he as asked all of his true fans to participate in a boycott. "I don't care how they get it just don't buy it or steal it" For a list of Brotha Lynch's Current projects go to Be on the lookout for the Cannabalector Album featuring Lynch to be available on this site this month. Check out our message board and read posts by this artist. -Bio Written by Mike B. (aka)The SuicidalButcher666