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Joyful Canine Training
Joyful Canine Training , LLC


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Mary-Elizabeth Simpson has been an experienced trainer since 1987.  She worked with various training schools and professional trainers over the years to improvise skills and be kept in tune with new training techniques.  In 1990 she started her own private training business called Joyful Canine Training. Her philosophy in training is "Don't be mad, Train 'Em and be GLAD!"  Her techniques do not always rely on the use of clickers, instead training is done with the  use of positive motivation using toys, food and tons of praise.  The goal is to build a working relationship between the dog and owner especially in today’s ever changing society where dogs are often seen as a problem rather than as a family member.  Mary-Elizabeth provides in-home training for people who wish to solve unwanted behavioral problems, work on basic training, and or begin training their new puppy.  Competitive obedience and agility training is also offered at various places.  Mary-Elizabeth works with all breeds and has successfully rehabilitated many rescues who have gone to new homes.

Mary-Elizabeth currently teaches classes at Port Chester Obedience Training Club and with White Plains School of Animal Training, both of which are located in White Plains, NY.   Classes range from basic training, breed handling, competitive Obedience, Rally-O to agility training.   Mary-Elizabeth is an active competitor in Obedience,  Agility and Breed Conformation competitions with her Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and Border Collies.  All of her dogs are titled in one or more of those areas, including an Agility High In Trial at a Specialty Show. Some have achieved their canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog International certifications.  Others have had the honor of winning Best of Breed at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi National Specialty, Best of Breed at the AKC Eukanuba Championship Dog Show and Awards of Merit at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Her dogs have won group placements at all breed conformation dog shows as well having won Awards of Merit at Specialty dog shows.   In addition to titling her own dogs she has handled her clients’ dogs of various AKC breeds to their Championship and agility titles. Her competitive students have all competed quite successfully in all the performance and or breed competitions.

If you are looking for private in- home training to transform your pet into a well mannered dog or to train for serious obedience competitions please contact her by sending an email to SIMCORGI@AOL.COM .  At this time we do not take phone calls.  Best way to contact Mary-Elizabeth is by email.


For a listing of Obedience training classes at the White Plains School of Animal Training where I teach on Thursday nights click here

Currently a member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers, International Association  of Canine Professionals, Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Garden State, Border Collie Society of America, Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Club, Contact Agility Club, Portchester Obedience Training Club, White Plains School of Animal Training, and North American Dog Agility Council.


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Click on the dog going into the tunnel to view pictures of some of my clients and their dogs as well as pictures of me handling their dogs in breed.


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Mary-Elizabeth Simpson
Stamford, CT

            Don't be mad, Train 'Em and Be Glad!