The world of fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Many people who have come to me looking for Pembroke Welsh Corgis often ask me, "what are fluffies?".  The term "Fluffies" refers to Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis who are not the traditional short coated variety but rather the long coated types.  Other than coat texture being different, these fluffies still posess the same wonderful disposition and qualities as the short coated variety.    Below are some pictures of what fluffy puppies and adults look like.  Also I have added links to a few pages that you will find educational.  Enjoy reading all about fluffies!!!!!

Here is William in his clown costume

Bubba shows off his beauty.  Notice the feathering around ears and face. He has tremendous amount of coat and LOTS of feathering for a fluffy.

Radar sports light feathering on ears and chest.  He is a typical light type of fluffy.

This is a typical 13 week old fluffy puppy.  Luna (now named Sophie)  LOVES to pose in the snow!

Dobby, another typical 13 week old fluffy.  They are just sooo cute at this age!

Below are some links to pages that have information on Fluffies.

PWCCA information on Fluffy Corgis
Corgi-L Fluff Power
Coat Care of Fluffies by Millie Williams and Stephanie Hedgepath
The History of Fluffies
p align="center">Fluffy Corgi

Click on the Fluffy icon to see a video of the same fluffs you saw above. requires AOL Media Player.