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Evil surrounds us, it walks amond us every day. The evil presence that some of us have felt at one time or another is a demon. A demon differs from a ghost or spirit, because a spirit is what remains after the body dies, a demon has never lived on Earth at least has never lived the way we understand living. PSIG would advise not investigating a site where it is possible that a demonic presence is presen because of the danger. Remember the PSIG's first rule of ghost hunting always be safe, if you are investigating a site where you believe a demonic presence to be....don't get in over your head...get in contact with somone qualified to handle the situation.

"Ed(Warren), I would never go into homes and confront the enities that you do for any reasons-especally where the demonic are concerned. Once you cross the threshold into the world of darkness, you willl forever be in danger, as well as those whom you love. Like it or not, you will be unique and alone among man. Never forget the diabolical forces you challenge are cleaver, for unlike any mortal, they possess the wisdom and the knowlegdge of the ages." The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle

What is a demonologist?-Someone that study's and catalogs demons.

The Study of Demons-A Demonologist studies every kind of recorded demon through history. The demonologist must go threw endless texts and sometimes travel great distances to find literature(mostly relegious material) of human intervention with demons.

Cataloging Demons-When you encounter a demon you must know as much about it for the next time you either encounter it or come across it in your texts.
Cataloging includes origin, gender, ethnic background, what religion it exists in, what geographical area in the world it mostly exists, sketches. Cataloging is the most important job of a demonlolgist because it differentiates all the demons.

Conjuring- A demonologist knows how to bring a demon out, he know's how to speak to the demon.

To become an approved demonologist you must be some kind of clergy. As of today there are 7 demonologist, one of them is a layman, Ed Warren.

Demonic posession-A person that has become inhabited or taken over by a demon and who cannot exercise his own will.

Types of Demons:

1) Fire Devil-resides in our upper atmosphere and supervise the other five demons.

2)Aerial Devil- Live in the air, considered the most dangerous.

3) Terrestral Devils- Nature devil they live in the forest.

4) Aqueous Devils-Live in lakes, oceans, rivers, or mother earth.

5) Subterranean Devil- Cave Dwelers

6) Heliophobic Devils- Have a fear of light, they are possibly where the vampire legends came from.

Notes on demonology from "The Black Arts" by Richard Cavendish


The grimoires and the demonologists classify the spirits which the magician may attempt to summon up in various different ways. There are spirits of the seven planets and the days of the week, of the hours of night and day, of the zodiac signs, and of the cardinal points, Some of them good, some evil.

There are also the elementals. In the 5th century Proclus, divided spirits into 5 groups, 4 of them connected with the elements of fire, air, water, and earth, and a 5th group which lived underground. Psellus, in the 11th century, added a 6th category, lucifugum, or fly the lights. The spirits of air are ferocious and violent. They hate human beings, cause storms, and can make themselves visible bodies out of air. Water spirits, which are cruel, passionate, and deceitful, generally appear in female shape. They wreck ships and drown swimmers.   Spirits of earth can live in the woods. Some are friendly to men, but some set traps for them and lead travellers astray. The spirits who live underground are exceptionally malicious. They attack miners and treasure hunters, cause earth wars and eruptions, and lure people below ground to their deaths. The fly the lights, which naturally never appear in the day time, are entirely beyond human understanding or control, and are mysterious, restless, and malignant. They pursue and kill those incautious enough to travel by night.

The grimoires are mainly concerned with much bigger game, the ruling princes of evil, the fallen angles, and the great lords of darkness themselves. An early catalogue of demons appears in the Testament of Solomon which dates from about 100 to 40BC. It describes how an angel from God brought Solomon the magic ring which gave him power over all devils by forcing them to tell him their real names.

A later version of the Testament gives a different list of devils including Asmodeus, Astaroth, and Mahmet. Most of their names are of unknown origin. This version set a pattern for the grimoires by giving the character of each demon and the magic symbol which controls it because the demons marker equivalent to its real name.

In the grimiorium Verum and the Grand Grimoire, the 3 supreme powers of evil are Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth. When summoned by the magicina, Lucifer appears as a handsome boy, Beelzebuth as a gigantic fly, and Astaroth as a human figure in black and white.

Demons-courtesy of "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LeVay

Abadon(Hebrew)-The destroyer

Adramelech-Sumerian devil

Ahpunch_Myan devil

Ahriman-Mazdean devil

Amon-Egyptina ram-headed god of life and reproduction

Apollyon-Greek synoyum for Satan, the arch fiend

Asmodoeus-Hebrew devil of sensuality and luxury, originally creature of judgment

Astaroth-Phoenician goddess of lasciviousness, equivilant of Babylonian Ishtar

Azazel(Hebrew)-Taught man to make weapons of war, introducted cosmetics

BaalberithCananite Lord of the covenant who was later made a devil

Balamm-Hebrew devil of avariece and greed

Baphoment-Worshipped by the Templars as symbolic of Satan

Bast-Egyptian goddess of pleasure represented by the cat

Beelzebub(Hebrew_-Lord of the flies,taken from symbolism of the scarab

Behemoth-Hebrew personification of Satan in the form of an elephant

Beherit-Syrian name of Satan

Bile-Celtic god of Hell

Chemosh-National god of Moabites, later devil

Cimeries-rides a black horse rules Africa

Coyote-American Indian devil

Dagon-Philistine avenging devil of the sea

Damballa-Vooodoo serpent god

Demogorgon-Greek name of the devil, it is said should not be known to mortals

Diabolus(Greek)-Flowing downwards

Dracula-Romaan name for the devil

Emma O-Japanese ruler of Hell

Euronymous-Greek prince of death

Fenriz-Son of Loki, depicted as a world

Gorgo- Dim. of Demogorogon, Greek name of the devil

Haborm-Hebrew synomym for Satan

Hecate-Greek goddess of the underworld and witchcraft

Ishtar-Babylonian goddess of fertility

Kali(Hindu)-Daughter of Shiva, high priestess of the Thuggees

Lilith-Hebrew female devil, Adam's first wife

Loki-Teutomic devil

Mammon-Aramaic god of wealth and profit

Mania-Etruscan goddess of Hell

Mantus-Estruscan god of Hell

Marduk-God of he city of Babylon

Masterma-Hebrew synonym for Satan

MelekTaus- Yezidi devil

Mephistopheles(Greek)-He who shuns the light

Metiztli-Aztec goddess of the night

Mectian-Aztec god of death

Migard-Son of Loki, depicted as a serpent

Milcom-Ammonite devil

Moloch-Phoenician and Cananite devil

Mormo(Greek)-King of the ghouls, consory of

Hecate Naamah-Hebrew female devil of seduction

Nergal-Babylonian god of Hades

Nihasa-American Indian devil

Nija-Polish god of the underworld O-Yama-Japanese name for Satan

Pan-Greek god of lust, later relegated to devildom

Pluto-Greek god of the underworld

Proserpine-Greek Queen of the underworld

Pwcca-Welsh name for satan

Rimmon-Syrian devil worshipped at Damascus

Sabazious-Phrygian orgin, identified with Dionysos, snake worship

Saitan-Enochian equalent of Satan

Sammael(Hebrew)-Venom of god

Samn-Central Asian devil

Sekhmet-Egyptian goddess of vengeance

Set-Egyptian devil

Shatian-Arabic name for Satan

Shiva(Hindu)-the destroyer

Supay-Inca god of the underworld

T'an-mo-Chinese counterpart to the devil, covetousness desire

Tchort-Russian name for Satan, "black god"

Tezcatipoca-Aztec god of hell

Thamuz-Sumerian god who later was relegated to devildom

Thoth-Egyptian god of magic

Tundrida-Scandinavian female devil

Yaotzin-Aztec god of hell

Yen-lo-Wang-Chinese ruler of hell