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Two Tales Of

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Welcome To Final Fantasy: Two Tales Of Love. I'am TruLi0nheart And I'am The Webmaster Of This Site. I Have Made Two Other Sites, Both Quite Successful. I Thought The Two Latest Of Square's Final Fantasy, Which Were Final Fantasy VII And VIII, Were Based On Love. Cloud Had Tifa And Squall Had Rinoa. This Kinda Had A Message That Said Love Is The Most Powerful Force On Earth. Plus, I Didn't See Enough Of These Kind Of Site, So I Decided To Make One For The Fans. That Is Why I Decided To Make A Site On These Two Stories Of Love. Well I Just Hope You Have A Good Time And Enjoy!

-TruLi0nheart (Webmaster)-

Last Updated: 6/21/2001
6/21/2001: Yes, After Almost One Year Of Not Updating, I'am Back. Thanks To ChibiObake And The Fan Fic, It Gave Me The Will To Start Again. I Added Her Fic, 'Interrupted By Fireworks.' Please Give Me All Your Fanfics Because I Seriously Need Some. Meanwhile, I'll Be Writing A New One.
2/19/2001: MESSAGE FROM TruLi0nheart- Hi Everyone, I'm Not Dead So Do Not Worry. I'm Truly Sorry That I Haven't Updated For A LONG Time. But That Will Soon All End. I Shall Be Back Updating Like Crazy In The Summer, When I Have More Time, I Promise. Keep Sending In Your Fan Fictions As I'am Keeping Them All And Will Be Posting Them In The Summer. For The Fan Fiction, 'Mist Over Winhill,'Will The Author Please Send Me The Correct And Updated Version Of The Story. Please Forgive Me, But I Will Be Back. Please E-mail Me With Any Questions Or Comments, And Keep Checking Back. Thank You.
6/25/2000: I Added A New Fan Fiction By ShadowShyGuardian. I Also Updated 'A Mist Over Winhill'
6/12/2000: I Finally Updated This Site. I Added More Chapters To 'You Still Have Enemies' And Added A Few More New Stories
5/13/2000: Updated When A CLOUD Meets a LION And What Might Have Been. Added A New Cloud/Tifa Fan Fiction And Squall/Rinoa
4/30/2000: Chapter 3 Of Power Of Love Was Added And Updated The Downloads
4/22/2000: Chapter 3 To "Without You" Was Added. Wow Over 10,000 Hits! Thank You All! I Didn't Expect My Site To Grow So Fast! Thank You To All My Visitors!
4/9/2000: Addition Of Two More Stories
3/28/2000: The Addition Of A New Cloud/Tifa Fan Fiction And Addition Of Ch. 2-3 Of Crossover Saga
3/19/2000: A Few More Images Added
3/12/2000: I Added A New Cloud/Tifa Fan Fiction Called "A Love So Deep"
3/4/2000: I Changed The Image Below On This Page
2/25/2000: I Joined A Webring, Added A New Fan Fiction, And Refined Love Grows
2/18/2000: I Added Two New Fan Fictions. I'm Also In The Process Of Writing A Squall And Rinoa Fan Fiction
2/11/2000: I Added An Image And A New Logo. Thanks A Lot To AngelTifa For Making It For Me!
2/6/2000: I Added Some Images
1/29/2000: Added Chapter 2 To Without You By shadowshy_guardian
1/23/2000: Added A Misc. Fan Fiction Called Double O Cloud
1/16/2000: Added Chapter 2 To Power Of Love
1/8/2000: I Added A Few More Images
12/30/99: I Added A Few More Images. Happy New Years You Guys!
12/20/99: I Added A New Fan Fiction By Shadowshy_guardian. It's Called "Without You" Thanks For All Your Submissions!
12/17/99: I Added A New Fan Fiction Written By Me Called Love Grows
12/16/99: I Added A New Fan Fiction Called, "The Power Of Love" by cygnusxone. Thanks For Your Submission!
12/12/99: I Added A Links Section. I Thank You For All Your Visits And E-mails!
12/4/99: I Added A Few More MIDI's
11/21/99: I Added Some More Images To Both Shrines
11/12/99: I Added A Downloads Section
11/1/99: I Added A Few More Images To Both Shrines
10/24/99: I Finally Added A Fan Fiction Section
10/16/99: I Added Some More Images To Both Shrines
10/9/99: I Added Squall And Rinoa Images
10/1/99: I Added An Images Section
9/25/99: I Added The Stories Of Love Section
9/24/99: I created This Site