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BlackTree Holt

You walk for days through the desert. You start to think you'll never see water again. All you see is sand and rock. Suddenly, in the distance you see a large ring of rock. As you walk closer you see seven large pillars of rock. As you look around you see a small opening in the rock base of the largest pillar.

You step inside to see large caverns, they are huge and they look as if created when time began. You walk further through the caverns, pools of water lay in the rock beds. You take a sip and the water is cool and refreshing. Suddenly, you hear grumbling and large heavy footsteps coming closer you stand and start running.

You turn the corner and you see a light at the end of the tunnel. You walk closer and as you do you realize it's sunshine. You walk out of the caverns into a forest. You can hear the babaling of a near by brook. The sun beats down through the trees and a herd of deer charge through the bush. You here the laughter of... cubs off in the distance. Suddenly you hear a cry... "AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!" A short elf flies out of a tree. His wild hair looks like fire in the morning light. He lands and he immediatly has his double bladed axe pointed at your face. A grin creeps over his face, **Sorry, thought you were a deer. Hello I'm SureWind WildFire. Chieftan of the wolf riders...** A very tall elf with flowing silver hair and a faint moon shaped scar over his right eye slowly strides up from the river. **And I am MoonScar. Cheiftan of BlackTree Holt and the bear riders. Welcome friend.** You and the cheiftans start walking.
BR> You walk along a large lake, it is crystal clear and crisp. From the distance you see spray on the lake surface. It comes nearer and you see its a large manta ray surfing the lakes waves. On its back is a handsome sea elf, obviously enjoying himself. He takes a sharp turn that is just a bit to sharp. He flies off his mount and hits the beach. You all run over to him to make sure he is ok. He stands up, **Ahh...that was so much fun...mommy can I do it again?** He asked still out of it. You smile, MoonScar shakes his head, **This my friend is GaleDeep, the suprising chief of the sea elves.** From high above you here a screech, you all look up and MoonScar laughs, **And that is Aria, the cheiftess of the gliders, she's always flying somewhere...HAHAHA.** You look back down and look at MoonScar, he smiles, **Now I don't now where that dang cat rider chief Springfawn is but she's pops up here and there. You're bound to meet her sometime. Well I have to go see the tanner StarSong about a new fur.**

He walked off and waved. WildFire turns to you, **One last thing friend, stay clear of the third pillar, and the swamps. Do that and you'll be fine. Well make yourself at home.** WildFire and GaleDeep turn and walk into the bushes, leaving you to explore the holt.


Current Season: New Green (spring)
Current Events: Sadowsong is trying to capture all the cublings and the entire valley is underwater from the snows melting. Tides rise.

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