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Dead By Dawn Records is a new label that celebrates originality and creativeness over conformity. At this time we are very small and poor, but things will change. This site is under major construction, so if links are down, check back soon. If you have any questions or comments, send them HERE

bands on our fucking label

Another Dead Hero- New school political satirical punk band much in the flavor of Nofx. Members include: Mike Decline (lungs), Ed Delicious (guitars), Dave Pedophilia (drums) and Chad Leghumper (bass).

Henry Krinkle and the Ministry of Truth Quartet- Industrial-Horror punk with a sickening sense of humor and a love of b horror movies. Members include: Ed Delicious (Guitar, vocals, keyboards, loops), Reddwolf (bass, backing vocals, uselessness, standing around, beer guzzling, and dorkin' it), Carlo Alaimo (guitar), Henry Krinkle (vocals), The Third Wheel (drums)...

Nailgun Lobotomy- Featuring Ed Delicious on guitar and screams, Reddwolf on bass and vocals, Papa Smurf on guitar and vocals, and He-Man on drums..