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Hello CNE Fan!
I'm sorry to let you know that in November, 2005, Angelfire's servers crashed and took the last two years of updates to this website with them.
We found out that Glenn Siter, who has been an enormous help to us over the years, actually had saved everything onto his computer before the crash. Thus, the site will be back up and running within a couple of weeks. Thanks Glenn! In the meantime, he has a sister site to this one that is worth looking at @
Right now, the site below is from January, 2003. Not currently availible are the description of the line in Simsbury, from Winsted to the Mad River Arch, Stoney Lonesome, Salisbury, Lakeville, and the branch to Millerton. In addition, a 32 page booklet that Lee Beaujon dates from 1907 is no longer availible. We also have a new update to post at some point, of the area between Norfolk and Stoney Lonesome.
We'll get the rest of the site back up as soon as some reformatting and changes can be made.
-Tim and Bernard, 11/30/2005

The Remains of the Central New England Railway in Connecticut

This page is dedicated to documenting and preserving the remains of the Central New England Railroad, a long defunct roadbed, as they appeared at the beginning of the 21st Century. The page is regularly updated as new photos are taken, but the webmaster is in New Jersey most of the year and thus this tends to happen around the time of college breaks. We intend to keep the page as historically accurate as possible, so if we put up any misinformation or photos of things that aren't actually railroad related, please let us know. Also, if you know of anywhere that should be on this page, please let us know. Thanks!

Photos are organized by general location on the line. This map comes from a 1901 map of the CNE, (C) and used with permission by the Poughkeepsie Bridge Page. A narrative about each section of line accompanies every page

1.)Trackage in Hartford
!2.)Bloomfield Depot
!3.) Griffin and North Bloomfield
!4.) Simsbury
5.) Stratton Brook State Park
6.) Intact Rattlesnake Brook Bridge and Collinsville Jct. Station
!7.) Satan's Kingdom
!8.) New Hartford Bridge remains
!9.) Bridges in between New Hartford and Winsted
10.) Line in Winsted
11.) Washed out roadbed and intact bridge near Colebrook
12.) Norfolk Station and Rt. 44/ Greenwoods Road Overpass
13.) Whiting Viaduct
14.) Canaan Union Station
A ! mark indicates that new photos were included on this page during the last update

We are grateful to CONNECTICUT RAILROADS: An Illustrated History, which was useful in tracing a route and finding features. It is highly recommended for purchase
We are also in debt to Phil Lechak, for his donation of USGS maps that he has marked with where the route went.
The Central New England Railway is not affiliated with this site nor endorses it, although the authors certainly endorse the Central New England Railway!
Last Update: 2 February, 2003 @ 10:26PM EST
(C)1999-2003 Bernard and Tim Dowd. As always, we take no responsibility for any tresspassing we done to take these photos.
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