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Sprague & Baltic CT


for the USGenWeb Project

Baltic and Sprague are very small rural towns located in New London County, CT. Though the residents will argue, they are basically the same town, Baltic is a section of Sprague. They share the same post office, though most addresses are listed as Baltic! (not uncommon up here!)

Sprague was incorporated in 1861 and lies on the northern border of New London County. It is bordered on the north by Windham county, the east by Lisbon, Norwich is to the south and Franklin is on it's west border. It was primarily a manufacturing town, although there are still many farms. Before 1856 it was mostly a saw mill, grist mill and farming community. By 1861 Baltic Village evolved into more than 100 buildings consisting of houses, shops, a schoolhouse and 1 grist mill.

In July of 1856, Gov. Sprague, of Rhode Island purchased 300 acres and started a cotton mill. The first town meeting was held June 10,1861 and this date is considered, to this day, to be the town's birthday. Sprague is only about 12 square miles and the lands Gov. Sprague purchased were originally parts of Lisbon and Franklin.


This town is up for adoption, email me for information