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Welcome to our shrine! This is dedicated to the... *sigh* wonderfully handsome swordsmen of Slayers. Don't forget to sign the guestbook!!

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*Hi! I'm the beautiful Lina Inverse and this is MY shrine to Gourry.

*Well *I'm* Princess Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova.. and I believe it is my shrine to Zangulus.

*YOUR SHRINE?! You stupid, green-haired spoiled brat, ooh I'll show you... *rolls up her sleeves*

*O.O; *shrinks back a bit* Now watch it, Lina Inverse...

**facefaults* What good do you think that'll do, saying that?

*J-just watch it... um.. um let's continue!! No use for you to be wasting people's time with fights! We have facts to spread!

*...okay, fine. For once you have a point. Well what facts do we have to spread? Why none other than about Gourry!!... and maybe Zangulus.

*"Maybe?" ...we have lots to spread about them both! And *I* would be good at spreading both of course... but we're... sharing this shrine. And it's all to bring the ignorant Slayers fans out there information on the studly and handsome sword fighters... *sigh*

*Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you could spread the word just fine... although I'm not sure people would always like to listen to you.

*...well at least they'd want to LOOK at me speak.. *flips her hair*

*You? Don't make me LAUGH!!

*What? You think they want to look at you, or something?

*Yes, I do! Who wouldn't want to look at me, the beautiful Lina Inverse... sorcery genius and all-around dream for every man that sets eyes upon me?

*Hahaha! Don't make ME laugh, Lina Inverse! You little bug-eyed flame-haired girl!! With a FLAT chest! It's little, little, little!

*WHAT?! Ooohhh... you're gonna REALLY pay for that one!! *dives for Martina*

*EEEEEEEK!! May Zoamel Gustav save meeee..!! eeehhh MERCYY!! *runs like heck*

*... *just stands there* Well now that she's gone maybe I can get to the point here... *turns to face YOU, the reader and puts on her best smile* Welcome to Martina's and my shrine to Gourry and Zangulus!

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