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Pokemon Power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last updated 3/17/00 I am having a contest! E-mail me and I will draw 5 e-mail addresses. The prize is a gameshark code to catch a Surfing Pikachu. You can use this to play the Surf mini game and you can suprise your opponent with a Surf attack aginst a rock/ground pokemon. The drawing will be on the 1st of April. Please E-mail me with comments on either of my sites(the link to my other site is at the bottom and so is my e-mail address) I am trying to make both of my sites better. And remember if you link to my site on your page e-mail me and I will make a link to your site

Hello. Thank you for visiting my site. It is new so it might not be the best. I hope you like the codes. Here are some instrustions to use gameshark for my friend Nathan. You put it in and if nintendo is blurry when you turn it on take the shark out and put it back in. Try this till it works. Type in a code like the codes below. Then go to grass if you want to catch a pokemon. It might look like a square when you run into it. You will need to get it to very low hp then either paralize it, freeze it or put it to sleep. Then throw an ultra ball. Hold down + b. It should catch it. The only way to get Mew in Red/Blue is with Game Shark or Game Genie. Mew is the only secret pokemon in Red/Blue. Mew learns Pound,Transform, Mega kick, Metronome, and Psychic..If you use the Rare candy code, do not raise a pokemon on rare candy alone. It will make the Pokemon weaker.If you catch a Missingno the graphics will probobly get messed up. The codes in my site are tested and should work. If there is a promlem just E-mail me so I can fix it. A walkthrough for Red/Blue. This is a quick walkthrough. I WILL UPDATE IT WHEN I GET A CHANCE. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ME LETTERS ABOUT MY NOT FINISHED WALKTHROUGH. You start out in Pallet Town in your room. Go to your PC and get the potion. You might need it later. Walk out of you house and go to the grass in the north. Follow Prof.Oak to his lab. You get your choice of three pokemon. Most people say you should start out with Bulbasaur but my personel choice is squirtle because of his strong stats and his effectiveness aginst soon to be very annoing Rock/ground PKMN. Whatever you choose your rival chooses what is effective aginst your choice. When you try to leave your Rival challanges you. Don't worry his PKMN have no special attacks yet. Keep using the move that does damage. If you are low on health use your potion. If you win your PKMN grow a level and you get some cash. Go to your house to heal your PKMN if they need it. Head north to the next city. You cannot catch pokemon at this point so just fight them for EXP points. When you get there heal your pokemon then go to the mart and get the package for Oak. Once you get it to him you get a pokedex and can catch pokemon. Go back to Viridian City and buy Pokeballs and Antidotes. If you want you can go west to catch some PKMN but be prepared to fight your Rival. He has a Pidgy at L9 and his starter at L8. Catch some PKMN to add to your team. Then head north to the forest. On the way catch a Pidgy and Rattata. In the forest do not catch Metapod or Kakuna. Evolve them from caterpie or weedle so they keep their attacks. There are three trainers in the forest. If you picked charmander you can defeat them easily. Make sure you get a Pikachu. They are very rare (5%) but you will need it for Misty. Once you are in Pewter you will get to battle for your first badge. If you picked Bulbasaur or Squirtle it will be a piece of cake. If you picked Charmander UH OH. Try to use bug pokemon and if you have a level 12 Butterfree use Confusion. Go to the east to find many trainers. This is a chance to gain EXP for your PKMN. And make sure to get a rare Jigglypuff. CAUTION!!! In the PKMN center do not buy a Magikarp. When you get an Old Rod you can catch a Magikarp and more Magikarp. In Mt.Moon try to get a Clefairy in the deep part of the cave. Fight Super Nerd to get a choice at 2 fossils. My choice is the Dome fossil. Go to the PKMN center. If you have a Pikachu at L18 or above or a Bulbasaur you can fight Misty if you want. Or you can wait a while and catch a grass PKMN. Go north but be ready for your rival. He has a Pidgy, a Rattata, an Abra(which can only teleport) and his starter. Then go to the PKMN center and go back north. Fight the 5 trainers and the rocket to get a nugget. You can only sell it though. Fight your way to the east to get to Bill's house. Fix him to get the boat ticket. When you go out come back in and go on his computer to fill in your pokedex. Go south and you should be ready to fight misty. This is a hard fight because Bubblebeam is very powerful. Defeat her to get the cascade badge. Later come back to this town with a poliwhirl to trade for a jynx. Go to the house by the police officer and defeat the rocket to get dig. Then go south to the daycare put in Magikarp if you have one and leave him in there. Come back later and you will get a Gyrados. Go through the hose to get to Vermillion City. Get the old rod and the bike voucher there. Also trade a spearow for a Farfetche'd. Go south then east to diglett's cave. Catch a diglett or dugtrio and begin to train it. Go south to get on the boat. Go west then south to get to the kitchen. Go to the east and search in the lats garbage can for a great ball. If you have not caught a dugtrio save the great ball for it. Then go back up to the next door. Go in and then go east then north. Be ready to fight gary. His pokemon should have evolved by now. Keep going and rub the captains back. Get cut and teach it to one of your pokemon. Go off the boat and to the gym. Find the first can with a lock and go to the right can for the door to open. If you have diglett or dugtrio it should be no problem. Save the tm you get you will need it later. Go to the cave entrence then go east. Catch a drowsee there. Add it to your team. Go through the cave and get flash and trade an abra for a mr mime. Also cut to viridian city and go east till you get to another bush. Use cut and talk to the guy to get Dream Eater. Teach it to drowsee and do not erase hypnosis. Go back to cealadon and cut to the side. Keep going and heal your pokemon. Go in the tunnel and use flash. Battle your way out then heal your pokemon. Go east to the next city. If you have a very good fire/psychic pokemon go south to fight Erika. She is very easy except for her victreebell and the annoing skill wrap. Then go to the back of the town and go in the mansion from the back. Get an Eevee and evolve it to Jolteon because of its great speed and attacks. Teach it Thunderbolt because it will be its best attack until it learn Thundershock at level 31. Jolteon will be a key member of your team so start to train it. Go to the big mart top floor. If you take the elevator you will need to take one more set of stairs. Go to the game corner. Go to the top and fight the rocket. Then flip the switch. Go in the doorthen take the first stairs you see. Go to the left then go up without fighting the rocket. Go left then on the zippers go to the far left. Go all the way down and take the zipper that leads to the zipper pointing down. Go down the stairs. Then go up and fight the rocket. Get the key and go all of the way back to where you had to go left then go up. Go to the zippers to get the bottom. Take the lift to the 4 floor. And fight the two trainers. Fight the boss and get the scope. Go to lavender town and go in the tower. Fight your rival. This should be an easy fight. Then go to the top of the tower. If you have a pyschic pokemon you can beat the ghosts with one shot. When you see the Marowak you cannot catch him. Just defeat him. Go to the top and rescue Mr. Fuji. Get the flute and go back to lavender town. Take the road south. (This route is great for training Jolteon because except for one eletric trainer all of the trainers have water or flying pokemon) When you see the snorlax try to catch him. There are only two in the game. Talk to the Guru to get the Super Rod. It can catch any fish. Go to the next city and to the Safari Zone. Go in and take a right. Then keep going left till you see a stairs. Go left till you see more stairs. Go up till you see more stairs. Then go right then south. Go north then left. Then go left till you get to the grass. Then go up. Then go down. Go north then right. Go north then south. When you go in go down and get the teeth. Go left into the house. Get surf. Then get out of the zone. Go to where you got the Great Rod (you do not need to) and go in the house next to it. Talk to the Warden and he will give you strength. Now it is time to get the badge. You should try to use Psychic aginst Koga but the other trainers have Psychic Pokemon. You will see little gaps in the lines on the floor. That is a wall. Try to get around it. (When Koga uses Wheezing his last PKMN he will most likly tell it to Self Destruct)

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