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Pictures of The R.M.S Titanic In 1912

These are pictures from almost every main room on the luxury liner "Titanic." Most of them are pictures of the ship from 1912 when it was the most luxurious vessel afloat. Some of the pictures are from the cd-rom "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time."

Titanic's Grand Staircase for first-class passengers

A typical second-class cabin on the Titanic.

Titanic's library

Dining Saloons on the Titanic.

Another Titanic second-class cabin.

Titanic's barber shop.

A cd-rom simulation of Titanic's bridge.

Cd-rom simulation of a Titanic first class cabin.

Cd-rom simulation of the Titanic's palm court, very similar to what it looked like in color, very beautiful and filled with palm.

A real picture of the Palm Court.

Simulation of Titanic's boat deck from the cd-rom.

A real picture of Titanic's boat deck.

A picture of Titanic's passengers strolling down the boat deck.

A picture of the Titanic's "lift"

A cd-rom simulation of the Titanic's engine room.

Titanic's third-class general room.

Titanic's staircase for second-class passengers.

Titanic's gymnasium.

Titanic's First class Dining saloon (below)

A Titanic first- class cabin

Another Titanic first class cabin.

Yet another first-class cabin.

First-class smoking room.

Titanic's swimming pool, located next to the Turkish Bath on F deck. (below)

Titanic's Verandah Cafe. (below)

One of the Titanic's watertight bulkheads that were thought to make Titanic "Unsinkable." (below)

A picture of the Titanic's wireless room.

And that is not nearly all. There were many many more rooms on the Titanic these are only some of them! The beautiful Turkish Bath on F-deck is not seen here, nor is the real bridge, and many other rooms that were just as luxurious. In fact, the third class rooms on the "Titanic" were as good as, if not better than the first-class rooms on other ocean liners at that time. In my opinion, the "Titanic" is still the most luxurious vessel, even if it is not afloat. In my opinion, there will never be a ship more luxurious than the "Titanic"

The name of the cd-rom where a lot of these re-created simulation Titanic pictures came from is "Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time" which is an excellent cd-rom. I have it and I have played and beaten it. They have amazing recreations of the rooms on the Titanic, and you feel as if you're really on the ship. I recommend it to anyone fascinated with the Titanic.