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Baby Sammy's Baby Summers

This is my brand new page. I am Samuel Shapiro, and an infantilist. I am 12 and usually have no way to vent my desires. Except during the summer, when I can play babies. Usually during the summer my cousins Vinny, Steve, Goob, Aaron and I do this. I will write stories about that. Last summer, we all played babies, as well as the one before, as during the summer, groups of cousins stay in certain places. Aaron has worn diapers 24-7 since he was 3. he fell out of a tree and damaged his nerves. We are all just about his age(year or two younger.) So he shares his nightime diapers and all play babies. Aaron has a baby brother so we can snatch some bottles from the kitchen. Aaron's dad knows and he will treat us like babies all summer, it is great. That is what this page is all about, our baby summers, I will write stories and welcome any contributions, E-mail me at, but be sure to put "DPage" in the subject heading.

Baby Sam's Baby Summer Stories

Baby Sammy's First Ever Baby Summer