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"My goal is to connect with people emotionally. I take life's experiences and translate them into music -- music that hopefully creates an impact on the listener."   ~Yanni

Swept Away
Marching Season
Chasing Shadows
The Rain Must Fall
Days Of Summer
Reflections Of Passion
Everglade Run
A Word in Private

Keys to Imagination
Until the Last Moment
The Rain Must Fall
Acroyali/Standing In Motion
Ones Man's Dream
Within Attraction
Swept Away
Reflections of Passion

The original crushing grind/death mixture from Greece, Yanni fused the predominant rhythmic styles of death and speed metal with grindcore song constructions to start a new subgenre of music. Thanks to the lead Yanni built, bands like Kenny G and Marilyn Manson could work their way into mainstream music alongside a new generation of underground bands creating more extreme and anti-musical aural destruction. Extreme metal art, Yanni's music is rare and brilliant as well as foundational to the evolving styles of death metal.

Yanni's piano keys slice and sheer like razor-sharp scalpels, the violins fibrillate like a patient in cardiac arrest and his roaring vocals are the last dying screams of a terminal ward victim.

OUT OF SILENCE, Yanni's third record, is a brutal and caustic display that unleashes all the chaos and disarray of a violent, distemperate world through jagged, precision riffs and bowel-shaking beats. But unlike Yanni's early records -- which laid the groundwork for the bombastic music force known as "grindcore" by stressing speed over substance -- OUT OF SILENCE expands Yanni's rhythmic spectrum moving from hyper-velocity manic criss-cross buzz-saw whine to 4/4 heartbeat pulsations that are (nearly) rock-like. There are still moments where the flutes sound like an army of buzz-saws and the bongos like machine gun fire, but these are balanced between a more crafty series of melodies."

From the foreboding minor-key harpsichord salvos of " Chasing Shadows," to the blitzkrieg rhythmic assault of "Reflections of Passion," to the sly piccolo harmonies of "Swept Away", OUT OF SILENCE covers all the bases, echoing the enthusiasm of a orchestra that gets extremely excited by the sound they're creating. "I just want to do something that interests me and turns me on. I mean, if it takes picking up a Hustler or renting a stag film to get my juices flowing, so be it."

As numbing as a bloody hit-and-run, DARE TO DREAM (the follow-up to Out of Silence) also carves its way into your consciousness and leaving deep unforgettable wounds. It's a thing of terrifying and perverse beauty. Your mind will never be the same.

Another group rising in the black metal mosh pit!

The North Shore Of Matsushima
Looking Glass
Port Of Mystery
Keys To Imagination
Forgotten Yesterdays
Forbidden Dream

In the Mirror
In the Morning Light
A Love For Life
One Man's Dream
Within Attraction
Forbidden Dreams
Once Upon a Time
Chasing Shadows
Aria (special version)
Quiet Man
So Long My Friend
Before I Go
The End Of August
Face In The Photograph

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