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Dolphin Painting by Graham Gibbs

Live For Today

How we live today
Affects all of our tomorrows.
Turning down the wrong road
Is part of the journey.
Finding our way back
Is the challenge that defines us.

What a beautiful world we have been given!
Replete with waterfalls,oceans,mountains,
Large green farms,
Puffy pink clouds,
Sunrises and sunsets,
Rainbows,hummingbirds and butterflies.

Be grateful for the sunshine.
Find hope in the rainbows.
Laugh from your soul.
Always hold on to your dreams.

Original Author Unknown

Gently Altered by Big Bear

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Page Created By Big Bear in the year 2000.
Updated July 10,2007.

Let Your Spirit Shine Through
Midi of "Song of Mother for Child"
downloaded from Enchanted Mermaid's Midis
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