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Colors and Backgrounds Colors/Backgrounds

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Lines and Breaks Lines and Breaks

Headers Headers

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Preformatted Text Preformatted Text

Creating Links Creating Links

Graphics Graphics

Frames and Tables Frames and Tables

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        Here is where you can find the best database of learning information for HTML on the Internet.  I have a large collection of codes and instructions that will help you on your journey to creating your own personal web page.  This page is meant to be your reference guide...I may not have EVERYTHING you are looking for.  However, this is the place to be if you are a beginner or an intermediate web page designer.

        If you are working on the Angelfire Home Page Editor or any other editor, you may want to work with this page along side the one with the editor.  To do this click here to open another browser window.

        Click on a tab in the left margin to take you to that page.  In each section, the beginning of the explanation is mainly for beginners while closer to the end shows some advanced methods to enhance your web page.  Also check the top toolbar for other learning opportunities.

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