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Illustration Art: Virgil Finlay
~Table of Contents~

1. Conquest of the Moon Pool, A. Merritt. 1948 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay005.jpg 253k)

2. The Hellflower, George O. Smith. 1952 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay012.jpg 250k)

3. Black Butterflies, Elmer Brown Mason. 1949 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay002.jpg 234k)

4. Sharane and Klaneth, from The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt. 1949 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay011.jpg 321k)

5. The Hobbitt, J. R. R. Tolkien. 1964 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay004.jpg 315k)

6. Astrological Illustration (itieu scan C-vf_011.JPG 191k)

7. Silent Night, Lysander Kemp. 1955 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay009.jpg 275k)

8. The Dwellers in the Mirage, A. Merritt. 1949 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay006.jpg 217k)

9. Cryptozoic, Brian Aldiss. 1968 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay001.jpg 383k)

10. World of No Return, Bryce Walton. 1949 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay008.jpg 233k)

11. The Transhuman, Murray Leinster. 1953 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay010.jpg 300k)

12. The Starkenden Quest, Gilbert Collins. 1949 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay003.jpg 242k)

13. The Face in the Abyss, A. Merritt. 1950 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay007.jpg 500k)

14. Skull-Face, Robert E. Howard. 1952 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay013.jpg 265k)

15. Three Against the Stars, Eric North. 1950 (0uroboroS scan 0uro_Finlay014.jpg 305k)

Please note: Angelfire (hosting this website) filing conventions preclude the use of hyphens and underscores, thus the slight variation in the filenames of the jpegs as stored here.

Many out-of-print Finlay books can be found in the
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