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Welcome to Kueimei Cattery

My name is Loraine, and I have been breeding and showing my cats for the past 10 years. My interest in cats came about when we had various cats at home. My first Siamese I ever owned was an adult sealpoint placed at my home because the owners did not want him anymore. Needless to say, the poor cat did not want to stay around my zoo because I had various cats and dogs.

As I grew older, I vowed that I would eventually own my own Siamese sealpoint. When I married and had children I purchased a Sealpoint male and a Bluepoint female. That was all of 20 years ago... and my love for the Siamese has grown ever since then.

I have over the past few years started taking interest in Orientals and the various colours you get.

I presently own 10 Siamese and Oriental cats. Each cat has a special place in my home and my children just had to grow up with all the kitties around.

I am proud of the fact that my kittens are very well adjusted when they go to their new homes, as my children treat them as if they don't have legs and carry them all over.

This webpage is designed to give an insight of my love of cats.

My main interest is to promote various colours in the Orientals and to also promote new colours in the Siamese.

"Cats only assume their strangest, most intriguing and most beautiful postures when it is impossible to photograph them. Cat calendars always disappoint for they only show the public range of cat positions." J.R. Coulson

My daughter and Honsu... asleep what bliss!!

I have a neutered Sealpoint male called Thaisu Honsu (being king of the household), a neutered bluepoint female called MinTois Tyla(she thinks she is the queen of the household), an entire sealpoint queen called Kuei-Mei Lè Seal and her sister an entire Havanna called Kuei-Mei CieCie Chanel (max for short - named by my son), an entire Black Oriental stud called Gr champion Lalula's Bagheera, an entire Oriental black queen called Kuei-Mei Midnight Rani (whose real name is Midnight Rani - meaning queen). We also have another entire Black Oriental female called Kuei-Mei Moon. We have another entire bluepoint queen called Champion LesBeau Chats Artica (denoting the artic white of her coat), and Kuei-Mei's Susha who is another neutered sealpoint queen. Our latest baby is a lilacpoint female called Orimese Liala. Each cat in the household has their own special personality and they are all much loved by the family.

Laetitia and Kueimei Midnight Misty

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