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Tek Flight Products

Put "hang gliding" as subject.

Tek Flight Products
Colebrook Stage
Winsted, CT 06098 (U.S.)
(860) 379-1668
Serving the hang gliding community for over 25 years with hang gliding instruction, new and used hang gliders and hang gliding accessories

Tek Flight Products

Offers the Following Products and Services

  • Hang Gliding instruction Info
    (Featuring our "V.R"/Video Flight Simulator)
  • Wills Wing hang gliders and accessories Info.
  • Used Hang Gliders Partial list
  • High Energy hang gliding harnesses and parachutesInfo.
  • Helmets -- light full face and half helmets Info
  • Camera mounts**** Info.
    ("B" Mount)
  • Camcorder/Heavier duty mount**** Info.

  • Vario and Instrument Mounts Info
  • Varios including Brauniger and A few remaining Ball(s)
  • X-C shirts

    For the transportationally challanged
  • Bar mitts (velcro on to bar) to keep fingers "fleece" warm Info
  • Hang Glider wheels Info.
  • UV barrier
  • Hang gliding Christmas cards and stationary Info
  • Hang gliding/hang glider wallets Info.
  • Custom photo cards--you send the face Info.
  • Commissioned art-work
  • Design and Fabrication of special items
  • The Fire-Fli flashing mirror/beacon Not ours but neat
  • Lesson Information Lesson Information

  • Ellenville site information and waivers Click here
    Mass H.G. Site info. Click here
    CT Site and CHGA info. Click here
    For information and entry forms for the Annual Falcon X-C Contest Click here

    For any purchase including non-US you may use the PayPal link below. Enter item
    description and price including shipping as arranged with us. .

    For additional information on any of the above, contact:

    Tek Flight Products
    Colebrook Stage
    Winsted, CT 06098
    tel:(860) 379-1668
    Put "hang gliding" as subject.

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