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Table of Contents

Page One

2. Black and white drawing of astrological jester

3. Some biographical information

4. "Minos of Sardanes" Fantastic Novels (November 1949)

5. Illustration from The Ship of Ishtar (1949)

6. Shadow For Sale, Chester S. Geier. 1948

7. Astrological Illustration (black-and-white)

8. Detail showing Finlay's stippling technique

9. "Burn Witch Burn" Famous Fantastic Mysteries (June 1942)

10. From The American Weekly

11. Color illustration: woman with unconscious man

12. Black and white astrological illustration

13. Black and white drawing of H.P. Lovecraft (and his comments)

14. Cover: Weird Tales (April 1938)

15. Black and white interior drawing: Amazing Stories (December 1961)

16. Interior illustration for Serapion (Francis Stevens) 1942

17. On the House, Benjamin Miller. 1949

18. Magazine covers

About Virgil Finlay

Also see: ~Painted Ladies~ for illustrated information about the great pin-up artists.