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The Poetry and Prose of Yehudah ha-Levi

On Parting with Moses ibn Ezra
A poem by Yehudah ha-Levi

Since you are gone, my friend, I seek in vain for peace;
At your leave-taking, my heart joined you, to share your wanderings.
Were it not that love may hope for the day of your return
The day of parting had been unto me, the day of death.
O Light of the West, come back unto thy West,
Be again a seal on every heart, a signet on every arm!
Behold, the mountains that divide us will testify
That my tears are more abundant upon them than the rains of heaven.
O, Scintillant of Speech, how can you dwell amidst them of tongue uncouth!
How shall the dew of Hermon fall upon the accursed Gilboa!