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updated Thursday 4/25/2002

Welcome to the official website of the CT punk band

Below you shall find a public service announcement. Read it if you will.

**ANOK and PEACE**

First Amendment is out of commission right now. We love you. We are still trying to figure out how to live well, how to share that good life with others in a respectful and compassionate fashion, and we sometimes even play guitar and hang out. But we're all over the place, we've stepped into other commitments and activities, and we are currently quite defunct, if not in spirit then at least in body. We still do things though, and two of our band members are currently working hard in a CT punk band by the name of SlackJaw. Go to the top of your browser, type in: and learn about what they are up to. If you don't do that, turn off the god-damn computer and go live. If you are so inclined, see if you can keep our culture from going thoroughly fascist, that'd be a good project. Otherwise, go to the library, go to the park, go for a jog, go listen to music, go hug somebody important, go swimming, build something useful, go play with your dog, I don't care. But stop looking at this computer screen, it's bad for your eyes, and who knows how bad for your soul... Wishing you much peace, Johann au Courant