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Spantax S.A (BX)

Spantax S.A.

Spantax S.A.

Welcome to former Spantax S.A. Convair 990-30A Coronado page !

Updated 29th March, 2022

Foto: Tony Edlind

Updated 23rd March 2022

"It was then . . . ."when I at the first time boarded a Spantax DC-3 flight to El Aauin in 1964.

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Spantax SA - updated 22-03-37

It is a little known fact in the history of Spantax that there was a time when the company's president and legendary figure Rodolfo Bay Wright seriously considered the possibility of operating this supersonic aircraft on the routes between Scandinavia and the Canary Islands. These days, reviewing the documentation we have from the two meetings we held in 1999 and 2000 at his home in Palma de Mallorca, in front of the Marivent Palace, we found some notes referring to the intention to rent one of these planes to British Airways or Air France. Had it been carried out, Spantax would have been the first Spanish charter company to have operated the legendary supersonic aircraft, which was intended to fly at such speed for most of the section between Scandinavia and the Canary Islands. But the number of seats available was not enough for the numbers to add up and at least 30% more was needed and even then the price of the ticket would be well above the normal fare on a subsonic plane, although Bay told us that there was a queue of passengers interested in this service.

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