HTML is not as hard as we thought it would be.
HTML stands for Hyper Text MarkUp Language. It is just that...a language that the computer understands and will display a picture or a text in a certain way.
Think of HTML as a recipe book. The codes are the ingredients that make the cake.
These are some examples of the HTML code that you will or may want to use on your web site.
These are just very basic codes, and we will add more a little later on.
At the top, is what the code should look like in your document.
The part on the bottom is how it will appear on the web site.
Copy and Pasting is a big time saver! We found that out in a hurry.

This will center a region of your images, pictures or text

<b> This will make the text bold </b>
This will make the text bold

<hr> This code will create a horizontal line. This looks nice in guestbooks as well

<br> The carriage return code

<i>The italic lettering code </i>
italic letters

<p>To make a new paragraph

Size is important when doing a web page. Here are some different size codes

<h1> Heading size 1 </h1>

Heading size 1

<h2> Heading size 2 </h2>

Heading size 2

<h3> Heading size 3 </h3>

Heading size 3

<font size="1">Font size 1 </font>
Font size 1
<font size="2">Font size 2 </font>
Font size 2
<font size="3">Font size 3 </font>
Font size 3
<font size="4">Font size 4 </font>
Font size 4
<font size="5">Font size 5 </font>
Font size 5
Please don't forget to close your codes with the command

Color can also add much beauty to your web page. There are hundreds of different colors you can use. Here are just a few of the main colors.
The right blending of colored text with the background can give your web page a very elegant and classy look...or what ever look you wish to portray

<font color="blue">Blue Text </font>
Blue Text
<font color="red">Red Text </font>
Red Text
<font color="yellow">Yellow Text </font>
Yellow Text
<font color="black"> Black Text </font>
Black Text
<font color="white"> White Text </font>
White Text
<font color="green"> Green Text </font>
Green Text

Please don't limit yourself to just the *usual* colors. There are some great colors out there.

These font codes work with both Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater and Firefox

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