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Hello, and Welcome to the Who's Where in Bluegrass web page! Let me tell you a little about who we are. . .

Who's Where in Bluegrass is a monthly newsletter based in Northeast Connecticut which has been in business for 13 years and have only increased our prices by $5.00 bringing us to the current $20 a year!! Not too bad, huh! :-)

We publish a listing of bluegrass band schedules and festival information for the East Coast,including Canada, and the entire East Coast of the United States (ME /NH /VT /MA /CT /RI /NY /IL /PA/ NJ/ VA/ WV/ KY/ TN/ OH/ MI/ IN/ NM/ GA/ TX/ AR/ AL) in our regular newsletter. Also, we list the remaining states according to whether or not we have a reader in the state. If you live in a state that we have not listed, and would like our newsletter, we will add your state to our list.

We do tape and CD reviews as well.

We do NOT charge bands or show/festival promoters for our services. If you have a show that you would like to advertise, send us a couple hundred flyers and we will hand them out year round at the festivals. We are strictly reader supported and COMMERCIAL FREE!

We DO NOT sell our subscription lists to ANY other businesses.

We carry a full line of tapes and CDs for your purchasing pleasure. We will mail orders anywhere, worldwide.

We accept personal/bank checks, money orders, and American Express at this time. We hope to accept a wider variety of cards in the future.

You may e-mail, or write us for a FREE sample at:

Our e-mail address is:

We may also be contacted at many of the New England Festivals. Stop by the "purple" booth and say Hello. Thanks for taking time to visit our sight. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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