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The Ben Affleck Web Ring
What is a Web Ring?
A web ring is a way for web sites of a similar subject to link together. With a few lines of code, you can join a consortium of sites dedicated to Ben Affleck!
How do I join?
It's simple and fun to join a web ring! Just fill out the submission form and hit the join button at the bottom of the page. Please join the Ben ring only if you have a site with information and/or images of Ben, Matt, Casey or a Ben related project. If you plan on building a Ben site, do not join the ring until your site is done and ready to be viewed.
After I join, what do I do?
After you hit join you will be given a page with the code to place on your web site. Simply cut and paste the code to the bottom of your main page, and that's it! It may take from one to three days for your site to be added to the ring by the ring manager.
Join the Ben Ring!